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Liked part 1, considering buying the others. Could you confirm that the contains a Linux build .sh in addition to Windows?

Very lovely short story! Don’t know what we were expecting, but not really this. <3

Hopefully there can be more of this kind of story in the future. Even if not, this was a wonderful piece to read though!

Regarding the description: Saying there are “2 endings” is a bit of an overstatement – it’s more of a single ending in a basic and more elaborate variant. Since we had hit the full variant (called “true ending” in the included script source) on first try and used the skipping/fast-forward feature between decisions after that, we got really confused about how to get to the other ending until I checked the included source and found out about this.

Also: Including a Linux build of the game would have been nice, but it ran fine with WINE too.

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.19 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key.

Does that mean purchasing here, won’t actually give me the game but just a Steam key? Or will it give me the game and a Steam key?

Please clarify this on the page please as a Steam license to play this game as long as the associated Steam account exists is not attractive to me…

I would try this, but there is no Linux version. Can you add pls?

Pretty nice! Liked it a lot!

# Feedback #

## Backgrounds ##
Fitting, but editing them to fit in with whatever the story currently tells us would really help.

## Drawings ##
Just need color, otherwise well done!

## Animations ##
"Eating with Elora" :-D

## Story ##
Pretty well, done! A pleasure to read. Very entertaining!
### Endings ###
"red" ending: Felt somewhat uninspired: *bla* *bla* *bla* **Your end!**
"toe" ending: HILARIOUS, laughed the whole time! :-) Very well done! :-P