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I like this game, its not as scary as I thought it would be (which is a good thing) but I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. Quite a short time to develop the game but you guys nailed it, good shit!

I'm not a fan of puzzle games in general but since I wanted to try something different for my gameplays ,  I decided to give this game a go. Tbh im not disappointed at all but quite the contrary, the concept is quite interesting to me and it really set up my expectation for other puzzle-esque games. Enjoyed my play, would love to play it once it has fully released :DD

Had fun playing it! good shit man. i'm waiting for more games  like this :)

Had a blast playing it! I enjoyed the mix of challenge and fun it brings. I hope you can bring in new classes to the game and new promotions too. Anyways, here's my gameplay experience

 i enjoyed playing this game!!.  psx style was a bit weird at first but i got used to it. ill be waiting for many more games like this, cheers

This is great!!, Ive played M Stain and it surely keeps up with the surreal and weirdness of it.Its a great game for a specific niche.A Nice step up from M Stain because it has VA,More Puzzles, More Scares...I think ive said enough. anyways,Great work Imposter Syndrome! 

At first glance this game is simple, but what intrigues me the most is the story. I wasn't expecting this game to have some bit of story in it but it does!! and its actually decent. The game has a great message to tell for players and it surely resonates with most people. I liked the game a lot, especially the way the level changes from an upsidedown room to a double screen hammer time. The game is great and im eager to play more like this :) good job guys!!

I Think the game was great!! It was weird and all... but it was also kind of smart. i honestly enjoyed my playthrough and i would like to see you make more absurd and weird games like this!! idk why but this game reminds me of some puppet combo games. Waiting on your next game, keep up the good work!!

What i like about this game is the sound engineering/ compiling or whatever.... It really makes a difference with the jumpscares. Concept and gameplay is a great fit for a short indie game like this one!! nuf said.

I Liked the game a lot!! It places the player in a strange situation at the very start and i liked that. I also liked how the other dialogue options are optional for advancing through the game. It also is important to mention that this game reminds me of puppet combo games. Anyways, Fun game!!!

Hi! I like the game because it was different from the bunch, i honestly enjoyed my time playing this game. If i was to give this a critique well... i think the jumpscares need more polish. But.. overall enjoyable :)

You nailed the atmosphere. great and scary game!

This was some scarrryyy stuff. 

Cool game bro! wasn't that scary tbh ;)

Audio and Visuals are on point! I like the mechanics of the game and the puzzle aspect. Loved it!!

Looking forward for the next episodes!! Enjoy my commentary 

Game was good and not the most scary tbh but it did gave me a jump from it. Still dont know what the story was. Short and sweet!

Great narrative game! I like how you describe a furrys life. 11/10

Well put together!! Jumpscares got me good man....

Scary game but i wish i understand the story. I made a vid w/commentary. go check it out!

I had no expectations before playing the game. The art and title of the game made me want to play it, so i had a go. Although i haven't finished the demo yet, i am starting to like the game. I couldn't think of a solid sentence to critique this game, all i can say is that this game has potential. I do have some questions like, Is this game going to be Free or Paid?? Other than that the game is solid and i want to play it when it comes out!! :D

really solid horror game! the jumpscares are really spooky. I hope you enjoy my video

wasn't expecting much but i played it and was intrigued by the story. Great game!!

Funny and great game!! i like all of it, but the art stands out to me. I really like that goofy paint art. Also i made a video ab it hope you guys enjoy :)

Posted here before. It is a really great and well thought game

11/10 IGN

11/10 ign

Aight, waiting for more games from you!!

The game was great! the jumpscares are kind of dull tho..was this inspired by start survey??

Glad i enjoyed the game!! my thoughts are at the end of the vid. Enjoy the gameplay.

you nailed the jumpscares bro! pretty nice game. Hopefuly youll like my video 

I like the scares on this one! it made me scream. Hope you enjoy my gameplay of it

So epic i made a vid ab it 

Sick game! It got me on the knocking part

Great game!! made a vid about it!!

great first game!! i made a video ab it, hope you enjoy!!

I can see the effort the devs put in to this game.Here is a video i made about this game, hope you enjoy

Hi! the game was an amazing experience!! glad i found out about this game. I also made a video about it. Enjot the vid and help a tiny channel out :D

Last game on the vid

hi. the game was niceeee. i also made a video about it, i also got a couple of scares. Hope you enjoy the vid and help a tiny channel out :D

It's the second game