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A member registered Mar 22, 2023

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This game got me good!

Just note my heart jumped through my back while playing this!

This game caught me a good amount of times LOL!

This game was dope!

This game got me good!

This game was dope!


Game & Story 10/10!

Crazy game!

Parts 1 & 2

Second Part!

I was ready!! Game is fire! Story was dope & had me guessing who could the killer be!

My most viewed gameplay. This game is wild! Had me praying lol!

This game got me multiple times lol.

Played this a year ago. It was a great game! Had me jump out my skin! 

This game was lit! Especially when I'm a streamer/gamer that hates being chased. lmaoo

The game was cool! I had fun being a bouncer

This game is fire, hands down!!

This game was fire!

Dope game

This game was dope af. Story was pretty good.

The atmosphere got me. Great game and interesting lore.

This game was wild and a good one!

Part 2 

Game had me shook!

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Game is wild!

I had to come back here and say the full game was wild!

Had me jumpin'

Wild game!

Game is wild!

This game was dope!


Lawd have mercy... 

This game had me SHOOKETH!!