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Shaohua Yan

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I am glad that you like it!

Thank you, Jar! I am glad that you like it.

Just want to thank you for mentioning this bug. Now it is fixed.

Thank you! your streaming style is pretty cool. I like it lol!

Thank you for your comment and video! I really like your voice and the way you interpret the story. To be honest this gameplay footage is so fresh and makes me review my game in a different perspective. I know how to improve or be better in the next one, thank you.

PS: Having learned English for so many years, I am still poor in grammar. I will check the script and make a language patch hopefully.

Thank you, but I'm not a Doc lol

That is weird. I tested it on my friend's pc and it works fine. I can send you a copy via email if you are interested. Again, sorry about the unpleasant issue. I will later update a walkthrough video in case the other players face the same issue.

I will fix it as soon as possible, sorry about that.

I see your profile name. thx, my bro! LoL

Thank you for your detailed feedback! This project is a practice to test if it is feasible to build gameplay based on a story. That is the reason I did not write a long story with multiple branch storylines. 

For the genre I think it is between narrative-based game and serious game. For future work or next project, to make a story more compelling, I will make more researches and even interviews to get related information. 

Again, your encouragement means a lot to me! Thank you! :)

Thanks lol