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ClickCraft community · Created a new topic several issues

a- No autosave (well, maybe it saves, but it defiantly not load, so it's the same as no autosave)
b- No hints for the crafting system. This means that the average player has no idea what to craft and how.

Just started, seems like a really nice idea, but I can already say one issue that exist is that's unclear what does Karma and Reincarnate do... You might want to fix it to make it understandable: When can you Reincarnate? Why and when should you? and so on...

This is an interesting idea, but it's not really a game... 

please add a mute option. I want to try this game, but I can't  unless I can mute it.

Sure, I can have a workaround, but the fix should be ingame. Should take like 10 minutes to implement a simple button that changes a flag, and have your sound pipeline check that flag.

Really cute, but you seriously must add a mute button.