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had v1 uploaded weeks ago but made lots of updates but misstook 8 AM for 8 PM so sad, sad not to other entries too 

So impressed by this game, easy to play and understand a great deal of fun 

fun game

So Great thanks, can slow down a little.

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I know I am sorry about that, how annoying, I will see if there is something I can do after the jam voting is over.

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Hi I'm sorry, I had a look over the weekend to improve the contrast and also added a B&W version too. Thank you for the feedback. 

Hi I'm sorry, I will have a look over the weekend to improve the contrast and failing that add a B&W version too. Thank you for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, yes I can see what you mean.

It took a little experimentation to work out how to play as I have not played this type of game before but the simplicity of the controls really help to emerse you into the elegance and introspective nature of this game. 

I would say go for it, you made and and should be proud of that achievement why not share it.

Thank you, yes you make a great point about the controls thanks.

This game is a fantastics and novel journey that surprises you in a succinct and engaging experience 

A really interesting and captivating narrative exploration.

A beautiful contemplative narrative that really immerses you in another world, I like the moon cheese.

amazing game, a poignant  yet optimistic narrative  story ofset by a wonderful audio selection.

A very enjoyable game with an easy to use interface, I think your rationale behind the game is very valid and it is definitely a great improvement on those and quite calming. I would have liked an alternative grid size but thats just me overall a beautiful game well done.