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Hmm... Seems a number of engines don't separate Shift keys. 馃 Well, at least Z and . are close enough for the same feel.

Overall, it's a pretty challenging table. The flippers more limited range makes lining up shots more difficult since you can't catch the ball. Pretty much ensures you're always moving.

No shift keys, or did the engine not support it?

That sounds like a good idea. Maybe more bike types too, with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The mini bike is like definitely a hard mode! I can't seem to time my pedaling to keep from falling!

And this is why number abbreviations annoy me in games like these. Sure, they're easier to read than 2,512,874,159 or whatever exact number we're talking here, and less screen space is needed for really large numbers into the quadrillion and higher, but when a price is listed as something like "2.5 billion", you're going to read that as "2.5 billion, exactly, and not a fraction more." Any fractions above that should be printed or else the player might be confused and delayed.

I just cleared the Forest Dungeon with a Brave type character, but I didn't unlock a new character.

I received an error message, but I neglected to copy it before I realized what happened...

Alright! I should probably add I understand the decision since it's the modern standard for camera controls. (Old gamer here who grew up with inverted as default.)

The flying controls are backwards! You pull up, not push up!

Yet another classic returns!

Being able to see ghost opponents is fine, but it's hard to study their lines in real-time; especially when you're whipping around corners and can't see how someone managed a faster line and slingshot ahead of you.

It would be nice to have a replay mode that allowed you to view your own and other players' races to study where you could possibly improve.

I like how I can exist in the car.

Simply put: what a blast from the past!

The game runs way too fast to use any strategy, (even if it's rather simple.) I think game ticks should be slower, and add the ability to pause. Plus, it should be possible to send multiple groups of ants out instead of waiting.

Already excited before you even said anything! x3

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Got 'em all again!

One suggestion I have for the new leveling system is for XP you have over what you need should go towards the next level instead of being lost.

Ah yes, one of my favorite tropes: Unintentionally Unwinnable. You know I love it.

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Is it a bug that sometimes food items have no HP/SP/BP appear and give you nothing?

PS: This game has gotten 10 times harder lately! I can barely make it through 4 floors now let alone 15! x.x

PPS: It's not just items, but enemies that sometimes do nothing. That may be good for the player, but I'm still questioning if this is a bug or a feature.

PPPS: I made it past floor 15! (I'm starting to get tired of these minor edits. XD)

The funny part was that this glitch happened right while I was typing! I was like "Wha-- 'RIP Complete'? Is this like Fission Mailed?"

How do you play? And why does everything fall off screen?

A pinball game with an ending? You don't see those every day!

Where's the nudging controls? Also, no shift for flippers? (Wait, can Unity tell Left Shift and Right Shift apart? I forget.)


Now, with a title like MIDI Ski Lobster, and the ability to use your own MIDI files in the game, the obvious choice here is to download a MIDI of Rock Lobster by the B52's! (I wouldn't be surprised if you did this yourself!)


No problem. I've just played several different versions of Mappy back in the day, so details like that tend to stick in my mind.

I was assuming the latter since that's how it's handled in Mappy. (It's also this way in the Famicom version which shows lives as a number.)

Also, slightly related: I don't believe I've seen a game that uses icons to indicate lives include your current life in the counter. I could be wrong, but all that I've seen use icons to show your remaining lives.

Very good recreation, but there's a bug that gives you one fewer lives than you should have; you're given a Game Over if you miss with one life remaining.

Took me a few moments to grasp the mechanics, but I got the hang of it, I was rolling, rolling, rolling!

But... Why does the 6 side of the die have 9 pips on it?


It's not mentioned in the rules, but new dice generated will never have more sides than what's shown on the die you used to roll with. Moreover, if a die lands on a 2, that die will always land on 2 and effectively never be destroyed.

I suggest a new rule that prevents dice from ever having fewer than 3 sides, even if it lands on a 2 or a 1 so there's always a risk a die might get destroyed.

Not only that, but since a new die will never have more sides then the one you used to roll, it will always generate another 2-sided die.

The controls are a little obtuse. (Not being explained didn't help.)

WSAD for steering and LMB to fire? Why are we using the mouse if there's no mouse aim?

I'd recommend changing fire to SPACE and adding the arrow keys as an alternate for movement. (I believe this would be preferred for 2D games that don't use the mouse.)

Not too bad. Though I'd prefer using the arrow keys for a game of this style. I'd also like to see a visual timer rather than a hidden one.

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At last! I got just what I was hoping for! (I wish had spoiler text so I could give more of my thoughts here. >.<)

The middle mouse button doesn't seem to work. I even disabled an addon I have that changes how the button scrolls the page, but no effect. No alternative controls, (e.g., arrow keys), for scrolling either.

I like the idea, but I'd like to be able to move around properly.

Good concept, but the time limit is way too short, and you don't even receive an extension for deliveries. I can barely manage 2 even when boosting most the time!

Also, unrelated, but did anyone else see "Sweet Tooth" and was half expecting to see Needles Kane somewhere in this?

Hm. I haven't touched Unity in a long time, let alone for mobile. Guess I didn't think of that.

And yes, a simple switch would be fine, or even an automatic one that hides the touch UI when keyboard/gamepad input is detected and unhides when touch is detected for seamless switching. (The latter situation likely more niche, but I could imagine a mobile user switching between having their device rested on a table al la a Nintendo Switch and then putting their gamepad down to take their phone with them.)

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Terrible! Rules make no sense, and worse it won't let you retry!

Seriously, make it repayable!

Welp, that's one way to end a run. The game is a nice time waster, but it has a reverse difficulty curve with the number of balls you have per stage quickly becomes more than you need.

Then why is it HTML5? You can access this either on mobile or PC. If this is meant for mobile, then include an APK to download since there's less overhead running an app that way instead of inside a mobile browser. And at least accommodate PC players as well and those few people out there who have a gamepad paired to their phone.

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A classic returns! Though, I don't remember the AI being so favored in situations where both wrestlers' heads touch the ground at the same time.

Other than that, it's as zany as I remember!

Also, add in a quick rematch key to skip the RED/BLUE WINS screen and jump into another series instantly. Oh, and an option to adjust series length, eg 2 out of 3 or 10 out of 19 instead of only having 5 out of 9.

There's no controls

This game seems prone to locking up when dropping letters after a certain point.