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Shane Doherty

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Fantasic game, took me an embarassing amount of time to figure it out :D 

I appreciate the play and feedback mate, thanks. 

Thank u, really appreciate that ❤️

That would be brilliant mate, sorry missed this comment before the jam closed but I can update the game and credit you. 

Thanks for the feedback. I'm a complete noob so hopefully the camera gets better the more I learn. 

Just realised I uploaded the iOS version, not the Mac version. Fixing that now.

Thanks for the heads up, that's strange. I'll re-build it and upload again in an hour.

Thanks mate, really appreciate that. I’ll definitely look into audio. 

Great concept for a game, love it!

Love this, looks great :D 

crystal forest ghost... nailed it

Great game Lewis, perfect difficultly with the puzzles

Just sat and played this with my kid. Thanks for an awesome game 

Lovely story

Sitting here playing this with my kid who absolutely loves it. Thanks for making a great game