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Can't you make it run in joiplay app for phone? Because I tried it but it didn't work using joiplay and it doesn't have an android version.

..... Shit!! so we just have to wait for the android version then? When will it be? In the first place will be an android version?? 

Can we play the pc 1.2.1v  in Android using joiplay??????

WAOW. why didn't i think about that?? 馃槀 馃槀

well. unlucky me. but you deserve that if we are telling the truth. hope you luck!! i really really like the game from all side it have. the story, the comedy, the characters and of course the lewd scanes!! i hope you public it in the next updates though... 

the patreon chop have a t2 and t3 code. i know it is for those who support the game by paying money. you deserve that. but what i want to know will those events still be locked for public in the future updates?? like in the 2.3v there is a 4 tier events. will those events be available in the next updates?? like there will be othere tier events but the ones in a previous update will be available in the naxt one? in 2.4v or later?? because i can't pay any money but i really enjoy the game!! 

is there anyone how tried playing the latest pc version of the game using joiplay in Android?? i have tried that when ch31 or ch32 but didn't try again. and it seems mr.div won't kame an android version any time soon. sooo can the game now be played using joiplay in Android or not?? 

if the update didn't end in jan and you told us it will be in early jan. then can't you tell us how much work have you finished? like 70 percent or 10 percent??!! will you need another month?? but it seems like you need more then one because it's 8th this month and we don't know anything!!! 

in Android you need x4 free size the game to download it. i mean the 1.2v update size is like 1GB. so to download it you need 2GBx4 which mean 4GB free size in your phone to download it. i don't know why it is like this but unfortunately for every app in the mobile you need to do so. unfortunately...

wtf really??

is it only the 4 girls who we will be in a romance-lewd relationship?? or is there a chance to be others like the other knights girls and maybe the back witch?? 

so there is no more contact in the 5gb then the 1gb version?? 

well pregnancy is great but it will be better if mr. div.  focus on other lewd animations.

there is no android version til now. so if i download the pc version in Android by using joiplay will it be running??

what the different between the 1GB pc version and the 5GB HD pc version?? and can i play it in joiplay if the 5GB is better?? 

when will chapter 4be released??

so no android version. so if i download the game (pc version) and ppay it on joiplay play will it run or not?? i don't want to download it and joiplay tell me that this game isn't supported. 

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the 6th event from chapter 2 "The Princess & The Pauper" for chika. there is choice between chika and touka. the trivia doesn't say what it will effect in the future. so will something be different if i choose ether of them? or is it to increase the affection?? 

edit: rather then just this choice. all the other choices. will they make a different anything in the future event?? or the floor event?? 

what i meant is there is games that have an update that work on joiplay and the next of that update doesn't. so i just want mr.div. to make it run in joiplay. I'm saying this as if the 1.3v will not have an android version because of the size of files or something like that. and i don't know maybe the 1.3v will have an android version and everything is solved. 

i don't think the game will have an android version from now on (maybe not or yes). i just want it to be able to run through joiplay. so please make it play on joiplay for Android users.

all this time was a joke and i have been trying from about 6 private updates to do that馃槀馃槀馃槀. always thinking what it feels to f*ck a mountain 馃ぃ

how do i cowgirl emma. whenever i try i failed. is there something to do? 

same thing happen to me....

hello friends. i need help... 

I'm now replaying the game and i remember in a past update that the event"i don't know the event name" when all the 8 girl cosplay and i have 6馃槈 with every two girls. but when i go to Sophie and lily i don't have 6 with them. the mc refuses to eat the apple and then just go to the other part. and i remember i played an update that i eat the apple and do lewd things with the two of them... so is the scane deleted or am i missing something? 

hello there.... i just downloaded the game and is a truly masterpiece and great.. though that i mean i downloaded it from about a week and just right now i have entered the chapter2. i have some questions if you can answer please... 

1_ I'm playing the game in Android using joiplay. will be there an apk file for the game?? if not please continue making is run in joiplay because for som reasons not all the pc abb run in joiplay (not supported or something...) 

2_ the lust gallery for the girls is just replaying the even which isn't animated right?? or is it just me?? i know there is an animation lewd scene. but for the gallery isn't animated right?? 

3_there is a girl (noriko) how seems in her information that there is no lust (N/A) but there is a two blue event to her which will be the invite event right?? soo we can rise the eff. and the lust or just eff.?? because it appears a N/A!! 

4_there is many main and side girls. are all of them will be there a lewd scenes?? (except the little girls) 

5_ please tell me you won't also currapted the two little girls or any new little one. that's.... please don't. 

6_ this game is monthly updates or what?? 

7_ the X happy event with me is in red... i tried to write =)  or (= or =( or )= but neither of them seems to work. and in wiki tell me to write =) name. or what??? 

8_ what it mean updates with part1 and part2?? like the 0.24 part1 and 0.24 part2, what's the difference?? 

9_ how are you this great making a great game?? 

sorry for the long comment and thank in advance!! 

isn't there an actual time for the update 1.3v?? i just downloaded discord to see if it is up or not. but it seems Mr/Ms.div. didn't abandon the game. from what i see in discord I'm sure the game will be great. but still.... when it will release?? just tell us how much time will it take??? will it be released in this month?? the next one?? this year????? 

well thanks you for the hard work but shouldn't you give a nearly time to the released update 1.3v??

i mean no bad intentions but good ones. 

again thank you for the game it's already being great and i know the 1.3v and the future updates will be more great. 

i like this game!! i will wait to the next update. or the next episode?? although the game is great but there is no lewd scanes till now. what was that? after the 4th chapter will be the romance and lewd root to come?? you won't believe me but i like this game more and more!! not like the other games who stated with the mc doing a girl. but you are building a foundation to the build. continue pro I'm waiting to the other update!! thanks for the hard work!! 

let's goo!!

there is no android version. so maybe you are using joiplay to run tha pc version in your phone

sometimes the you can be lazy over anything. and here I'm lazy even to read the description 馃槀. I'm sorry. i will try it now!! thanks for the work. even before playing i know it will be a legend!!

any mega link so that the download will not stop every 10 percent?? 

this is an another game then the original one? or should i but this file game in the original game file?

i downloaded the game and tried running it in joiplay but it always give me the loading screen and kick me out of the app?? I'm an android user.

you evil!!

well i don't see a problem?? i have the same thing. it's just that our device is taller then the game need. like many other app the game was mas made for Specific dimensions. 

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why are evil Caribdis??? always leaving us eager for more!! why??? 馃槀 i want to know what's behind the door!!! 馃槀 馃槀. well..... it seems i should wait to 0.4v update to know more. I'm so excited even though i will wait another time. thanks for the hard work!! man if i had the money i would have to donate to you definitely!! but unfortunately not. well I'm considering myself I'm lucky having this wonderful game a free one. i envy those who donate to you because you will remember them not like other. unfortunately the only way to support you is to publish it with my friends. sorry about that. well looking in the light side maybe one of them will do the donate!! 

in the end this game is one of the greatest work i had been waiting for more updates and still!! thanks another time for the great work!! 

let's goooooo!!!

we are about 30 min from the update!!!