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A member registered Jun 14, 2019

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i really love this update its so awesome! farthest i got was the armor titan cause my hook shots mess up and never get the right amount of points for my titan shifting but heck still really cool!

GOOD JOB!!! this looks extremely nice!! <3 

woooah is she gonna be a boss fight or something?! that would be epic!


ooo im excited!! hope your week goes well! :D 

yep n_n

nvm got it

hmmm idky but for me i cant kill any titans, lemme redownload

thank you so much! keep doing you best and make sure not to push yourself to hard :3

oml u dont know how happy i am to see a good attack on titan game i rlly loved this and im hoping for it to have a good future! maybe one day there'll be titan shifting?