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Shameless McFly

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Honest, this needs to be a full game. It's amazing. Well done! Looking forward to more. 

This was a great little game. Would love to see more puzzle situations, like maybe you get back at your boss for not promoting you too! 

Well done and keep up the good work! 

Excellent little demo! 

Exacltly the type of game I love. 

Can't way to play the full game. Great job!

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It's like lighting a candle for the deceased but in digital form. This is a lovely game. Well done for thinking of it. 

I recommend as many people lay at least one rose. 

Thanks for this. I'll check it out now. 

I'm just gonna say it...

I Suck at this game!

A brilliant concept, executed to perfection. Well done on this. Fully recommended.
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This was a weird, fun, crazy, hilarious game to play. 

Won’t Sleep For A Week!! 

Great little game. It helped to satisfy a morbid curiousity of mine. Like what it would be like to work with the dead lol. Something very Stephen King abou the whole thing!

short, sweet, delicious, pixely goodness. 

Another great game, Octavi!

This is actually very well made. Didn't know what to expect but well done on this. 

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I really don't know where to start. This game was incredbile. The story, the cool game-boy graphics style. Just needed a little bit of music and it would have been perfect. 9/10

Well done and I hope to see more from you really soon!

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WOW! This game is something special!!

I got a bit stuck and couldn't figure out what to do but I'm not really a point and click person. This game really stood out for me and I can't praise it enough. 

The humour really is way above what I've seen on here. Also the voice acting is particularly impressive. Like better than most games I've played including AAA. 

Visuals 9/10

Audio 9/10

Gameplay 9/10

Story 9/10

Overall 9/10

I fully recommend this game to anyone, even if point and click games are not your thing. 

Atmospheric and very distrubling. 

It’s got a very silent hill/resident evil/alone in the dark vibe which I really loved. The story and atmosphere were awesome but the slowness of dialogue let it down just a little bit for me.

All in all it was a very injoyable experience and I'd love to see more of this. 

Awesome game. Had a lot of fun playing it. It's a really clever idea and a nice interpretation of the headless horseman tale! I would really love to see more of this game!

I really enjoyed that 😊. Although it's quite short I would love to see it developed further. Great job, Jenny. For your first game, it's a great idea and easy to play. 👍😎

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Just WOW. I knew by looking at the screenshots that this would be awesome. This is way, way, way beyond what I had hoped. 

Stunning to look at. Sound is beautiful. Gameplay is smooth. Cannot wait to play the full game. 

This game lol 

That. Was. Awsome. Well done Siegfried! More please. 

This is incredible, man. I pray that one day Nintendo will hire someone like you with all your passion, skills and enthusiasm and get a mario 64 remake up and running. 

I did a let's play. Is that OK? If not, I'll take it down. 

This game blew me away. I've never played a game like this before but WOW. Reminds of the Twilight Zone! 

This game scared my pantaloons off...

A delightful little game. Not too much of a challenge but nice all the same. Fully recommended.

A decent little game. Love the 90s VHS style of the graphics but wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be doing! 

Like Tinder but Less Grim

Nope. Just nope. 

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Not a bad little game at all. Very like Inside and Little Nightmares as mentioned in the game description. Really enjoyed it but would have loved a couple more puzzles. Way to go, guys! 

It takes a lot for me to rage quit a game. And I mean a lot. But it didn't take long with this game. It's exausting...

I love the concept. It's a lot of fun apart from the controls. Even when I figured it out, it was still very awkward to control! Other than that, I can't complain. Great effort and look forward to future versions! 

If you enjoy punching children in wheelchairs while searching for next delicious drink then this is the game for you! All 6 bottles collected in this playthrough. 

A Short, Harrowing, Hauntingly Beautiful Game

Very nice tribute to Game Grumps here. It's a good little game. My only issue is with the flash light. It goes a little nuts! Really enjoyed this and got some good scares ha. Thanks for making and looking forward to more! 

that's what she said...

Finally found the amulet. I've no idea how I got it though! Magic maybe? 

Had the same issue myself. It seems to be just random for me!

GTA - Shark Edition. This game is hilarious. Thanks guys for making it. It made my day! 

Where is the AMULET?? Someone please help! 

A great little game. Very short. Quite easy but still a nice little twist.