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So many spam bots here.

Disciples clone? :)

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I'm not sure what the source of problem is. :( It's working on my PC. 

Here is external link on the one file which i use for Patreon subscribers: deleted.

Please reply when you download the game so I can remove this link.

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There is two files. You must download both of them and then rapack Zip archive. Itch didn't allowing upload archives more then 700 MB. :(

Feel like very unique and interesting concept.

O'k. But just for info sharing, platforming to Android may multiply your game downloads twice or even triple.

Wait a minute? there is only one rating for this game and it's fom me? What ht heck wrong with people this heist quest game just great!

Any chance to get android version?

Looks interesting.

Looks like mix of ideas from old Baldur Gates and RPG Maker games. :) Very interesting! Best wishes!

Looks interesting. But i stuck by accident on this game. Newer know about this game before.

Best wishes from ShamanLab. :)

Have a good times with this game.

Ooh, this old warm 'Sierra' games feeling. :)

SFW letsplay of some episodes from my game. Music has changed and walkthrough edited. XXX scenes cutted of.

First chapters, first minutes letsplay.

GreenVegeta letsplaying Meauccio.

This let's play was made by a man from the local RPGM community known as Lemmy. It's not me! This is not ShamanLab!

To be honest not really strategy game but more like quest with management game. But i like it very much! Unique, smart, atmospheric game.

This is a wonderfull small little gem!

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Episode 'Limk and Elmira' (Elmira kind of resembling Elvira char) dedicated to female domination. There is aslo Female on female domination scenes in 'Accident with the Bear' episode. Hard Female(monster) on female domination scenes presented on Jess Nightmares.  Soft Female on female domiantion you also can find in my "The Agent Who..." game.

So-so. :)