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While all other riddles were challenging as they should, the computer riddle is  definitely badly designed with not the slightest clue as to what kind of commands that computer input expects. Not everyone gets the idea to enter "help" into the command line, and to enter "top", "right", etc. before the numbers also is mentioned nowhere.

Apart from that, great game as usual.

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Hello fellow game fans and creators.

I am also following the being series since its first appearance and have stumbled upon this beta version.

Runs fine on best settings in window on a WinXP Sp3, Pentium D @2,66 Mhz, 3 Gb RAM, Nvidia GeForce 5300FX  PC (basically standard low end game computer around 2009).

Also running good on Win 64/I6600@2,2 GHz/Intel GMA 5400/ 4GB (shared RAM with GFX chip) - Lenovo B560 notebook.

Win 64 i5/8GB /nvidia 320 (Thinkpad T510) also running fine and smooth.

Controls are always on the spot. Jumping goes smooth and precise.

I would suggest that you maybe add a climbing action for rough walls or ladders and a pick up action for crates as well as different (mouse)buttons for shooting, activating/picking up/throwing and maybe zoom.  If my suggestions do make sense naturally depends on your ideas for the game design.

The blue static lights on the ceiling sometimes seem to shine through the columns. Repositioning might solve this.

Concerning killer bugs, i have not found many, found the "sneaky" letters, though ;)

The datapads change text to a loading / boot up message although activated when you de focus the game window. Nothing bad, just a bit of irritation. I would prefer a "shining force" text, meaning for everyone annoyed by delayed text appearance (Zelda psychosis ;) ) a "click for complete page immediately" option.

Dead end: You can send the elevator up by jumping back when activating the switch. There are no means to get the elevator down again. Time triggered return or calling buttons may resolve this. Would also be ok if you added a ladder or enough edges to jump up  the endless shaft down although the forced teleport when falling below definitely works, wherever you want to fall off.

Pushing crates and steel balls down the shaft will result in their complete disappearance, when jumping after them.


Nano slaves seem to activate erratically, there is no means telling why they switch from passive mode to attack.

Rycrofts two part passcode needs to be assembled from onscreen messages on two defunct laptops. Maybe you could change the timer settings, the "random" screen output or whatever controls that to some "click for next text" mechanism. Was really  annoying to get through dumb luck "searching" only to receive some already known storyline text.

Yellow doors on the upper floor did not open. I assume that after going up the elevator the demo does not let me go further. (Or i am too dumb to find the key/lock/switch).

All in all, really great work so far. Cannot wait to see this game up and running in full version.( Or at least the next beta with more to explore.) ;)