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Shaggy Ball Z

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endoparasitic was made by miziziziz

Also each distro of linux contains completely different operating systems, they are just built off of the same kernels. You could possibly try to run packages from one distro on another but it would be extremely unreliable and unstable.

That is a completely idiotic statement. Sure linux is linux no matter the distro but why do you think there are so many different versions of software made for different distros? Sure some compatibility may be present within these programs but full compatibility is almost impossible, you can try this yourself by copying the command into "ldd /bin/s" into two different distros, most of the time the libraries that will be linked are completely different. 

It might not work for everyone, and the population of linux users is very small. It is untested by the developer and there is a large amount of linux distros, but there will always only be one MacOs, there will only be one Os for windows, updates might break these versions but that is a very simple fix. It isn't simple to have to update and test the game on every possibly used linux , because that would take an extraordinary amount of time. So it is free for these untested linux distros for people to play because it might not work for everyone, you are taking a large risk if you are paying for a game that you don't know will work or not. Imagine downloading a game on steam, but the hardware it was developed on is very old and the company is now defunct, so it isn't getting any more compatibility updates, you would be taking a large risk for a game that you know won't work. The risk is even bigger for a game that you are unsure won't work.

It is a highly experimental and untested build, therfore is subject to more difficulties than it would on any other platform.

Really fun game!! I got all of the endings but the one thing that bugs me is that I can't find out the purpose of the stuffed rabbit, and the man outside of the fence. I am guessing that they are there just as some spooky easter eggs but i really want them to be more than just that.

Just beat the entire game. It was a very short but enjoyable experience and I would love to play some more of your games.

The game is still in development, and you can delete saves by going into c:/users/(usernamehere)/appdata/roaming/(whatever the sugary spire appdata name is) It isn't that hard and ya'll are just dumbasses.

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Amazing game, but [SPOILERS]

What is the best ending??

I absoluteley love the game! I can't seem to do anything more than just take care of knock knock. I have everything filled out inside of the journal and I have all of the buyable items (including the sweets).I already tried opening the present but it constantly says "Can't use this right now." So is there something I am doing wrong?

this game is amazing and all but i don't really know if the game knows what is grayer. I say this because i was given the option between a whitish pink and a dark grey so i picked the obvious dark grey, but the answer was wrong.

Dang, I didn't know they released a new pizza tower game already! It is 3D too.

Just get winrar or 7zip you absolute goofball.

Sorry if i come off as rude, but why do you still have a 32 bit system?

you should be able to lean.

The numbers change each playthrough and can be seen in the  dating minigame when the coords pop up

That isn't a bug, it is a feature. There is a setting called turn speed which controls how fast you turn

I can't run the linux version because it is for an x86/x32 bit system while I use a 64 bit system. can you make the linux version compatible with 64 bit systems? also the windows version runs fine with wine, but using wine might be a bit daunting for newer linux users.

Heyo, I have been trying for quite some time to get this to work with wine because there is no native linux download, but it doesn't at all work. So in your next update could you maybe consider releasing a linux update? I could test the linux build for you as well.

Can you make a linux port? I can't even play with wine because it doesn't accept any input, which is strange because the game still booted up and accepted mouse input

The game just doesn't start the download

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How do you make it work with parsec. do i use the sdk or what

Also i can only use Remote Play with steam games

I can't install

I also really loved playing the game on my laptop with my little brother even if i don't have a controller. might be doing the speedrun soon

Will there ever be an online mode. Just asking


Wait Snap is a turtle i thought he was a bird

oh i didn't know

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There is a secret if you type a youtubers name who played other overboy games 

EDIT: it only works with markiplier

so today I was following the vampire and I found that he starts to glitch and spasm the farther he goes, I also found and red barn

How do you get the sword. I am very confused because I have unlocked  everything in the game and even defeated that secret boss in the caves but I cant find the sword


thank you also o you have any tips on making a game like the best software and skills

Can you add a menu because i need to change controls and also i have to restart my computer to close

My game keeps crashing but i dont know why

I cant close the window and also for a bonus the screen is entirely black on the game