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what is the name of the BGM? I love it

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I really don't want to fuck a cyclop... is there any way of avoiding seeing it? it's in a way making me sick

how to improve your power? I'm only stuck at 2, will there be events with all the teachers?, and what is going on with the online shopping app

can we have a replay/gallery?

I don't like the scene replay sorry... I would like to have an icon/screenshot to show me which part of the story am I looking at? And I hope I can ONLY go through the section I chose, not letting it continue until the end 

any updates?


Jimmy my man! we need to see his face lol (btw will there be updates on to we can use different outfits in different scenes?

gallery is not working

is the other games still updating?

any new scene for the public?

we need more outfit... only one isn't enough

why not a Mega link? or like google drive lol

sorry but I can't even download

what is the difference between v8 and v8c?

hope we have more than two outfit though, two seems limited

the currency for talisman is weird, if gold ore needs 4000, and each stone talisman is 10, then the price of me selling it should be at least more than 4030? by adding the time I'm trying to find stond talisman and go to craft it, so I think we should add more valur onto silver/gold talisman

struggle to find the 8th page...

can we please change the townhall ad 3 scene??? it is just a head floating and that is very creepy to me...

wow, this time we do have a huge update indeed!

this is game still updating?

Good work!

I just love how you start your reply with greetings

the game's UI looked too shabby...


how to continue with Elisa? I've been trying to tutor and work constantly and nothing happened, the purple icon is at 30 and orange one at 3, this is the end of an update? If so can we please just make it mention like the other girls...

the map is way too cartoony...looks abit too childish to me

is this game still updating?

there are many without walking animation... just sliding on the ground even with interactable NPCs (like Terri in Oasis)

They all drawn so differently...

can we have anyways to skip the intro and the tutorial if you playing the game multiple times?

haha, hoping for more outfits

most of the scene you cannot change outfit, so means a waste of money then?

what is the use of the punk outfit?

Thank you for the reply!!!

It was just me thinking it might be better if put out as Princess trainer 2.0 than included in this game...

What I can see is this might be just one time thing, but when I see girls from PT added into the girls icon I then was not so sure...they really don't need to be added into the gallery though...

(Sorry the following commments might be abit triggering...)

Chapter 1-9 was totally fine! The only problem I had was Jasmine looks different from the others with the drawing... but could be fixed if wearing the later-game other outfits...

Then Chapter 10 choose to add in all the girls from princess trainer... 

Well that was just not what I've expected since there are still many more to go with Lara and also able to add more outfit starting from Hermoine...

The lastest chapter 10 seems to have this EXTREMELY  long and boring recruitment story... which forced me to go through and wasting my resources and time...

It is kind of off-topic to me as we were focusing previously on FAMOUS girls from games or cartoons, so the old girls is just a meh for me...

 Not a big fan of bring back old girls if their graphics and their art are still the from the Old Akabur games, as they look weird espcially when compared...

should be on the second last last option which says accept the challenge? the Kali one I actually don't know why either, after a few events with other girls I can then get to Kali's

there are four of them, after I typed the code I only got 1, where can I get the rest three of them?

any news on the updates?

the game fishing tooks too long and is not any way interesting, please just incrase the value of different fishes as it needs weeks for me to get my door fixed without doing anything else