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you need to fix the low pixel pictures... and maybe giving us a gallery button?

can we have gallerary for all enemies at least? like peitho soldiers (we got throb so would be that hard by just changing colors and some details) and all the grunts(none of them have a picture at least? weird)

Kali with bunny suit but with board shoes??? huh? no thanks I will pass on that one

holy shit this is a good game! I would really like to see how the game will be in the future!

Don't really understand why scene viewing is Patreon only, but anyways good work!!! Maybe come with more outfit?

how to rotate? to press what button?

uhhh it is basically all cropped from anime, can we at least have some Hi-res pic rework?

Need a way to not seeing that one eye girl and spider girl pls, they made me uncomfortable

PLEASE DELETE the chapter that you need to solve all the swimming suits one, it killed all my brain cells

the UI looks a bit too shabby, maybe inprove that one day?