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Thank you so much, that helps wonders. I love your generators, theyve come in handy on more than one occasion in my D&D games.

Looks beautiful, but it would be great if you could make it easier on Android. I use a simply button on the top right with drop down menus would work wonders. I love your stuff tho, truly remarkable

Can't wait for the next update, I wish I could sling you and Salty01 some pesos, but sadly I'm a bit poor at the moment. When I do get some tho, you and Salty01 are my go to's. Amazing game so far, the artwork threw me off at first, but it grows on you fast. My only real gripe is the time it takes to go from first floor to second, and it causes me to end up back on the first floor. I don't know if it's an issue with my device, Galaxy J3 Orbit btw.

I'm fucking rambling, your game is great, can't wait for the next update, you're great.

Hey, this is a great game, amazing artwork, and absurdly good concept. I love where the story is going, and the Quality reminds me a lot of One a Porn a Time by Salty01 (sorry for talking about a different game) both your's, and Salty seem to take pride in your work, not just shilling out on easy porn. Don't get me wrong, the animations are great, but my point is that you try to incorporate a good story as well. 

P.s. would love to see if you and Salty could Collab on a short game or something, your team and his with y'all's story telling capabilities would make an amazing game.

P.p.s I don't mind the mom dom stuff, it's going well, great story there, but could you focus a bit more on Emma for your next update, Valerie is alright, and Sarena is best girl, but Emma could do with just a bit more in the next update

I highly doubt you'll read this, but thank you for a great game. ♥♥♥

I somewhat agree, but it's a sacrifice we have to make, it's got a lot going on in it with high quality stuff, other games gives us options up the wazoo, and we're usually either losing quality, or the decision doesn't really mean anything. Our boi here is providing good quality work, and frankly, I believe it's worth the lack of choice.

I don't know if you've discussed this or not prior, but I think I'd be very useful to have the ability to download an app for this and save the cities to your device, being able to access them all in one app and editing them from there. Personally I'm using these maps for my  D&D game, (giving credit of course) as a temporary solution until I can find someone to make full maps. 

It'd be very useful to have it downloadable (and hopefully for Android)