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Today is another Dat Shorts with ya boy Shades! We review Dandy Boy Halloween Adventures with spooky sexy chicks!

I got the pleasure of checking out the Patreon build of Erokin! Was a very erotic review!

Many thanks! You take care as well.

Do you have a discord or twitter I can contact you though about your game :)

Do you have any place I can contact you in reagards to the game. Twitter or Discord?

There is currently no demo version available. I'll take this as feedback as demand for a playable demo. Thank you!

There is no difference. They are exactly the same game.

Tonight we take a look at The Bindmancer! A tickle torture tower of terror and temptation!

From the creators of Faulty Apprentice and Girls Overboard comes Best Elf. A revisit to classic locations with new and sexy animated story elements! Full Review on Youtube.

A fantastic and cute little game where meeting a girl named Rosa over text gets very saucy ;)

Can I add you on Discord?

Is this game abandoned?

Our shortest review of a lewd game with one of the longest titles we have ever seen!

Riding a Giant Rabbit through Six Degrees of Prototyping! Enjoy....whatever this is?!?!

Hello Akagiplays, can you tell me what zip program you are using. Are both zip files located in the same area when you unpack them?

NOTE: You must download both zip files and extract the zip in order for them to unpack. Then follow the instructions for the uncensored patch located below called UTW

Hello Pmauj, what is the error your getting?

Slimy Sextet is a visual novel with a sexy harem, tentacles, slime and stunning visuals!! Enjoy the review!

What an amazing game, the style is breathing from every frame. Gameplay is solid and sex scenes are hot!

Correct: it is the same game made by the same creator.

Tonight is another Dat Shorts Review! We check out Kinky Fridays Under Contract! A sex game with just as much adrenaline in the gameplay as there is in the cutscenes!

So on the menu you should be able to select return to episode selection from there :)

Play the second game! They improve on an already amazing concept!

Fun little game and free to play! Enjoy the review!

Just finished playing the demo and made a review with our puppet Terry Trashmouth! Thank you devs for making the demo free!

hello :) have you used the install instructions we provided in the pinned comment?

we have added a step by step in the pinned update :)


Have you also tried using WIN Zip and 7Zip?

simply amazing

Tonight an all new Dat Shorts Review is here! Shades takes a look at the gameboy made Batty Zabella! A point and click comedy with some sexy assets!

Shades (Shady Corner)#7923  add me would like to ask you a question. tried to pm but didnt work

Do you have a twitter discord or contact details :) Wnated to contact you about your game!

MacShady Justice is back with a review of the sexy side scroller beat 'em up Maiden Cops!

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Thanks a ton for the feedback! We look forward to delivering more goodies. Thanks for playing!

So far it's keyboard controls only. Thanks for playing!

have you used winrar?

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