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Dude thank you!!! :D Loved the video! the editing was gold! 

Hey GDWC thank you! Im so happy you enjoyed the demo!

And Id love to check it out thank you!

Thank you for playing our cute sexy game! Love your video coverage!!! <3

Love the game with all my heart <3 such a cute roller!

Do you have any other forms of contact besides here. Your game was amazing btw <3

An amazing love letter to both bomberman and sexy gaming!

Just when I thought it couldnt get any sexier it does :D Amazing work!

Thank you TailNut :D

Flambeau is the latest game from us here at Shady Corner. Top down sexy candle action!

A fun an engaging adventure with some very sexy elements and battle gameplay!

An amazing love letter to pixel puzzle games with some sexy elements thrown in ;)

A review covering one hell of a cute game!

Just covered the new build. Man this shiz is slick!

LewdWare is Microgames meets lewds created by Naughty Pixels & Shady Corner! From scrubbing thicc breasted girls, using a vibrator at the local pool and even fighting off viruses to watch porn. We got all you one handed pervs covered.

Play these games solo or ride it out in Marathon mode to test your highscore skills. Just when you think you have mastered the art of the games check out the mashup section where we take our sexy games and scissor them together for twice the fun!

Amazing game cannot wait to see it finished!

Thanks Gary!

Thats why we make sure they are all moist. For the PC cool down.