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For what it's worth, in the current version (Downloaded a few days ago)

chmod 755 milkmaid_linux64.x86_64

On debian amd64, lets me start the game. For others it should do the same.

Also, the zip format does allow unix permissions. If you're making the zips on a Mac all you should need to do is chmod before zipping. I don't know Windows zip programs, but I could probably throw together a command-line windows app to chmod things appropriately. (Since I made something similar for Linux a while back as a workaround for OS X handling zipfile permissions insecurely.)

When I start the game for the first time, it displays the Unity splashscreen, the JennRaye splashscreen, and the "press any button to start" screen - but when I press a key or click the mouse, I get rapid flickering of the "Press any button to start" screen and what appears to be the main game-starting menu (story mode, arcade mode, options, etc). The buttons don't seem to respond to anything, though the game happily mumbles some interesting-sounding background noises.

When I close the game and start it again, I get a black screen that seems completely unresponsive. Removing ~/.config/unity3d/Jennifer Raye" returns to the original behavior. The Windows version runs in Wine, though for some reason the dialog text doesn't show up (I'm guessing Wine doesn't ship with the fonts you're using - which fonts are they?)