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Created a new topic Made a let's play of it

awesome game! i had a lot of fun xD 

fun game! trying to collect all legendary ones idk why lol 

Awesome game there are some parts that took forever but its ok :D

did a let's play on this game nice game :)

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nice game . did a let's play of it :D

Created a new topic Made a let's play of it :D

nice game i wish there's more flowers :D

Nice game cops are chasing me all the time lol

Created a new topic Lets play

Awesome game made a lets play of it cuz i like building PCs

just uploaded life the game there's no comment section there so i would share this here instead. Sorry :D

Created a new topic nice game


nice game it took me 20 min to find the key lol

Awesome game went though 3 different ending lol :D

Created a new topic Let's play Video

Did a let's play i keep on dying lol

Created a new topic let's play

I don't know what to do lol

i was suprised by the end lol

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thanks :)

Played it and i cant reach level 2 i suck at this game lol .. But its fun 😄😄

i was confused by the end lol . really want to know what happened next :D

nice game :)

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Nice Game

Nice game made a lets play of it im still curious where they go after they run out of food 100,000 yrs ago

Can't wait for the chapter 2 :) awesome game. the last part scared me lol

Awesome Game i got Stuck on some levels, but i made it to heaven lol

Pooping at everyone

Fun Game idk if i gave everyone a gift

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great game. almost want me to work on a real hotel lol .. anyway i made a video of it . hope you like it

Awesome game ! too bad i didn't end up with anyone even tried it twice lol

i got very confused at this game and lol made a vid of it .

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this game is fun and weird lol . made a video of it :)