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Nice game though i had a lot of fun playing it :D 

nice game! fell in love with the view

nice game made a let's play of it lmao 

amazing art and amazing game. well done :D

nice :) thanks

nice game made a let's play of it :D

nice games  :D

nice game. nice story  :D

cute game. always want to pet a puppy at a party lol

np :D

nice game thought i was gonna date everyone lol

nice game i had a fun  time playing this game :D 

nice game. made a let's play of it :) I ran out of gas at the end lol

nice game :)

nice game..its cute :D

fun game talked to my customers even they're not talking back lol

Can't wait for the full version :)

nice game.. i was creeped out for a bit lol

Lit community · Created a new topic Let's play

Nice game :D cant pass level 2  lol

nice game made me think about my life lol

i am very confused lol :P 

made a let's of this game this is fun :)

beutiful art XD

nice game.. mad a let's play of it hope you like it  XD

awesome game i lost every game lol 

Awesome game i can't wait for chapter 3 this game really spooks me out lol :P

Nice game. the art is just gorgeous love this game :)

nice game man made my laugh so hard lol

nice game :D 

Nice game. it simulates my everyday life lol

Awesome game man! lol the narrator is really funny :D

Awesome game took me almost an hr XD

awesome game! i had a lot of fun xD 

fun game! trying to collect all legendary ones idk why lol 

Awesome game there are some parts that took forever but its ok :D

did a let's play on this game nice game :)

nice game . did a let's play of it :D