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The issue should be fixed now. I have also added in a GML trig precompute step that eliminates up to a couple million trig calculations in the fragment shader, so it should be much more efficient (probably not as efficient as a 2 pass, though). Please tell me if you encounter any more issues!

Hey, thanks for the comment! I'll look into this issue tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.

Thanks! I'm making a huge patch after voting ends (with color control), it's all done and coded but Itch won't let me upload the next version until voting has finished.

This turned out amazing! Soooo much UI and polish. What a versatile tool!

There's a lot of combinations and settings and it can make some pretty awesome sounds! Congrats on getting featured! Still wondering how you did it without caffeine... 

This is ridiculously impressive for a four day jam! Even given an engine was used, it has a ton of features and looks like a program that took months to make. It's even got small quality of life improvements and polish. Absolutely spectacular job!

Very professional. Could've had a smooth option for the zooming, options for different types of scaling, better screenshake and possibly a better option for exporting the code, but it was clean, useful and to-the-point. I could see this being a great tool for new users.

Thanks man!

Simple, efficient, and wow, so much meme potential. It's awesome!

Very easy to get into! However, the contrast could be higher between UI and background, and the UI could reveal more about the options. Interesting concept, great execution, and nicely minimalist!

This was really great for your first tool, good job! While a little bit unoriginal and a bit unwieldy, the interface is very nice and clean, and it's quite polished and has a good amount of features.