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where is the woman we are supposed to find

idk if i am doing something wrong but i can't progress at all

Right i dont know if i am stupid or what, i downloaded 3.6. There is no new tasks at all and the CHAD one still stays there and doesn't go away no matter how many times i do it administrator unlock the files already would you?

i didn't im still on the previous version just asking for help with my issue

Her Ferdafs bro, what do i do about the quests not going away after they're completed. Im stuck with 3 of them now no matter how many times i do them they still show as to do. Please help

Is there anywhere else this can be downloaded from? its impossible on here

there already is content with Planetina

wen you click the map in left upper corner and you get all locations ( have to be n morty's house ) scroll down and click basement they are all in there

Does anyone know whats wrong with quest to visit Unity's planet with Summer i done it already and it keeps on repeating it