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Once we figured it out it was fun! Good job, don't know quite what we did in the middle portion that worked though...

I can't seem to download the game, clicking on download, shows as no compatible downloads availabe, and where the download/install button is supposed to be, it says 'open page'. I am on a windows computer inside the app. I'd like to play this, if there is a way.

wonderful game, gorgeous graphics, intriguing and flowing storyline, and the game play is 'just right'.

i am on a windows machine, and it is not showing the download as being 'compatible'

'esc' button does not work, and i had a dev log at the bottom of the screen. The art style is smooth, and consistent/unified, it can be a tad hard to see the player character at times, but nonetheless pretty good

Very fun game while it lasted. I was able to play until the tomato guy happened (vagueness to avoid spoilers). I don't know if this is where it is supposed to end or if my computer decided to go 'caput'.

Love the graphics. The story is good. The characters believable. Would love to play more.

This game is beautiful! the story is amazing, the graphics stunning, and the voice acting better than anything i've heard yet. 5/5 would play again, and can't wait for more!