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Claw is Law.

Working now! Thanks.

This was a fun little game. I found it interesting and well-made, although some mechanics were confusing. For example, if you spend $300 on a vowel and then sell the word for $280, it says 'earned $300' when you actually lost money. It seems like the selling price for the word was set no matter what word you actually spelled, which was counterintuitive. Lastly, you can keep clicking 'auto-proposal' and 'make offer' to have the store make the selling sound (but you only make $0). Great submission.

Maybe a problem on my end, but I can't seem to get the block to move. 😓

It's certainly very interesting. 

I must admit I think a lot of the deeper meanings are lost of me, but it seems like it will likely be somewhat confusing to the average player. To the extent that's the point I guess that's fine then.  (I have not seen the film, so I'm sure that would make a difference)

A few mechanical issues / suggestions: 

I would include some indication that the player is hovering over a clickable button, and an indication that the button has been clicked. As it is, it feels awkward to click and not have confirmation that the button press was successful. Also, if it's possible for you to change the cursor, I would. The default cursor breaks the immersion, and the rest of the atmosphere is very immersive. 

In the very beginning, I found the music a little too loud to hear the text. Having additional options to adjust the volume of effects or music would be helpful. 

All in all, an interesting experience. I think it needs some additional feedback to encourage players to play more and seek more endings. 

. . .

One final note - I have no idea what the organizer's stance on the use of AI to generate imagery for these projects is, but hopefully they will clarify that in the future to the extent it becomes relevant. 

Thanks for making this. I was really impressed by some of the transitions. 

Greetings! I don’t plan to create anything this year, but I’d be happy to play test some submissions and provide some basic feedback. 

(Feel free to drop a link to your WIP below, or drop your contact info if you don’t want to post the link publicly).

Good luck to everyone and thanks again to the hosts for continuing this celebration of works entering the public domain!

Great work!

Fantastic indeed! 


This is well made and fun. 

Nice work!

Beautiful game! Really enjoyed it. 

This is a lot of fun. 

I would love to see something in the results page that I could copy and paste, as well as some kind of stat tracking, but as-is I think this is pretty great. 

This is lots of fun! I think it's possible to get it in 6 guesses even knowing nothing about hex as long as you guess smart, at least most of the time. I've managed to win 10 out of my last 11 attempts (and I'm colorblind 😅).


truly a boooo-tiful game. 

A note: some of the slide puzzle starting configurations are impossible to solve. Sorry about that! Just please push the reset button if you think you are stuck. 😬

I was entertained!

I was entertained.

I did make it through!

I found the experience enjoyable, and although the interface was a little jittery I did not have too much trouble with it. 

My only real concern was a page display issue that occurred every time I spoke with a character. Before I had a chance to see it, a page of text flashed and then disappeared. I think it was just showing me a previously loaded page so I wasn't missing anything, but it gave me the impression that I was missing part of the story. 

The draw distance for the maze was a little confusing at first (since it looked like there were no rocks before they came into view in some parts), but I think it was about the right size and difficulty to make it feel worthwhile. 

All in all not a bad experience, although some additional polish (e.g. making it harder to get caught on trees when wandering around the forest... clearly indicating that there is nothing to explore in certain directions) would improve it. 

It was fun. 

I look forward to seeing the rest!


I jumped when the lady started shooting at me. Excellent work!

Very fun. I love the piano key sounds when making menu selections.

Eventually, but I did not notice it the first time I jumped straight into the action!

Hilarious! Good work. 


Good show old chapette. 


Very surreal!

Very fun!

Fun game with great presentation! I would suggest making the easy difficulty a little easier, and also potentially making the controls a little tighter. I completed the hardest difficulty via keyboard, but I could not complete the easy song with a mouse or on my phone using the virtual controls. At first the 'a' and 'b' notes confused me, but once I understood them I definitely think they added a lot to the game. Great work!

I recorded my second playthrough, but to save time I muted and sped up the sections where I didn't have too much to say: 

I had a lot of fun with this today. I look forward to following the project. Good luck!

I like the way the character gets bigger or smaller when it moves closer or further away. That's a nice touch. 

Based on discussion elsewhere, I believe any sound recording of a Ravel composition prior to 1923  is eligible for this year's jam.  I managed to find one on the Library of Congress website but I am sure others exist somewhere: Chanson Hebraique | Library of Congress (

To recap: Ravel compositions published in 1926 (not the recordings) are eligible this year and Ravel recordings prior to 1923 are eligible this year, but as long as you use an eligible work that entered the public domain in the US this year (2022), you can also incorporate other Ravel works from the public domain or other public domain works from previous years without issue.

If I've misstated the rules, anyone please feel free to correct me.

Lovely game. 😊


Considering that’s true of regular tic-tac-toe, I suspected that might be the case. That would make this a solved game alongside regular tic-tac-toe and connect 4. 😅