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thx for replying i thought it was a chapter 2 oof but hope to see one though i love ur art work btw

hi so i downloaded this chapter 2 but it is not allowing me to run the game i wondering why it says it isn't safe to run the game but for chapter one it was perfectly fine my laptop is a windows 11 and i want to know if it is safe to run so i can get the new endings 

yeah i know but why post the title only T-T

love it

like this game wonderful very yander 

just a pic

BRUH really this is a rip oof :(

i love JC

btw i am gonna do fan art on them i love huxley and the bunny whiskers really enjoyed the game tho

thx for telling hope u make a chapter two to see what happens when we save or leave dahlia and when we keep huxley and rip him also i hope for a chapter 3 too about dahlia's past when she started to write her journal and what happens to the others 

i didn't even take my eyes off the screen

it was so interesting i was playing it for 2 hours 

i have a question after i fill up the gallery i am done with the endings right cause i finish filling the gallery

also way to go with the game LGBTQ+

i am gonna play it today also what age is this game for just a question cause a brother of mine wants to play it 

that is so cleaver i am 12 and trying to make my own game but my brain doesn't agree with me i want to make a horror game badly but i got exams T-T

btw i am simp for huxley :< 

very fast i know 

i love the start just now started the game love the music the animation on the drawings and the backgrounds it is really nice again love ur games and this game i really love it even tho i just started i hope u make a chapter 2 just like how the others are asking :) also i followed u again love ur games

btw love ur games

oooh reading these comments got me excited i am gonna download  it 

ur welcome

this is almost like gacha redux the new one but i like it also please add the abs i do not wanna draw waffle abs T_T

u guys should make a dora version next or put dora in the game. eeee 

:> thanks for the cheers :)

i sub to u :)

do do do do amada dododod amanda. amanda amanda the adventurer she just killed the poor sheep :(

yes thank u 

:l wt-

holy shit this is scary damn nice game really enjoyed it 


ohh so nice


it's soo nice



i like this it is really nice 

i can make the aftons more detailed now ehhhh