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It was an amazing and very scary game it really gave me the old-school horror game vibes and I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work 10/10

Amazing game a solid 10/10 it really gave me the spooks keep up the great work :

Amazing and scary game 10/10

Really great game, I am excited to try out more of your games take care

AMAZING GAME! very interesting ideas and I am excited to try it out more in the future 10/10

The game was amazing! I really enjoyed the story and I am very excited for the full game to be released soon keep up the great work :D

This game was really great, I enjoyed the story and when Jonathan turned into this ''deer'' man it gave me the Wendigo vibes overall an absolute 10/10

Haha! I'm glad you loved my reactions this Friday I will probably play another 3 scary games and YOU will be featured depends on what game it is great work on D I S P A T C H :3

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I really enjoyed this scary game, got me very interested and I thought the story was really amazing and horrifying if you wanna see my reaction here you go :D