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Sorry I'm late on this, but it's very nice! You got a modern hospital down, maybe could create a futuristic one sometime, like the kind we see in sci-fi movies

Awesome work! I could totally see this place work incredibly well for a Drow stronghold.

Ooh I love this! Great job as always!

I see what you did there with that last bit

I swear your stuff never disappoints! Think you might do an ice castle sometime? I know there's a snow castle and a crystal castle, but one that's made of and covered in nice would be neat

Ooh great! I look forward to it!

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Your designs are always such works of art! One I'd love to see, dunno if anyone's ever put it in yet(I'd love it if someone has) is maybe like the interior tileset of an upscale skyscraper, with the red carpets, fancy elevators, windows that take up whole walls, expensive decor, etc. like think those executive suite towers that are very flashy and high-class-looking that you always see crime syndicates and big mob bosses using as their headquarters!

Awesome! I think this would go especially well with the Steampunk Interior too if going for the more gigantic "luxury airship" route!

Something I think that'd make a great "sequel" to this one came to mind just now: A funhouse one. Like those really big flashy ones found in theme parks and carnivals, with those big open-mouthed clown faces for the doors and all.

Yeah, I've seen the Elemental dungeon, but looking at your palaces vs the dungeons, I definitely think there's a lot that can be done differently that can set it apart from that!

I love these mythical creature-themed palaces! Will we be seeing a dragon-themed palace in the future?

This is incredible! I've always thought steampunk looked real cool I can imagine this working well for an airship interior as well. I especially love the "capsule room"

Your work never ceases to amaze! I'm always excited to see the latest one come out!

Your creations are so amazing I love them and I've bought some already.

I look forward to what else you'll come up with, I'd personally love to see something like a Arkham-esque high-tech prison or a very Castlevania-esque castle(more horror-themed then the Gothic one).