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Hey RadiusGordello are you done with this project or are you still working on it, to me the project is 95% perfect only 1 thing i would really want to see added or patched in 

when looking into the bathroom when its open a crack the mother dose not pop out for a sec the door just randomly closes could you add her there to the animation what im taking about is this 

at 7:20 in this walk through

Overall great job man must have taken forever but any chance you could add this into it or are you done with it if so im sad lol. Hopefully it can get patched in 

BTW you said and i quote "Unreal PT was under constant development over the course of 9 months, starting in April 2018 and ending in January 2019" 

well its still Jan 2019 so...... maybe you could add that in? i would even be willing to pay you for the time it takes

I really hope your not done with it so far its great but 1 thing i noticed when you look into the crack of the door when the baby is crying the mother dose not show her face or hand the door just closes

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The game is very well optimized unlike other projects I have tried

Game is great and has a great feel to it and feels unique

Loved everything about the game besides the creeper thing idk it was not really that scary to me other then that great game/demo

hope you create a full scary game I would buy that 100%