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Honestly yeah I was who is that lmao...but like I guess since he isn't "Cooper" anymore, then I guess the drastic change makes sense since he's not the oh so nice guy we once knew

A good story is never a waste of time

That was one of the best essays I've read in a while

As an American, sick of America right now

Also I always thought it was in London or something because of how Tyson says "Oi" instead "Hey"

As a Tennessean, I love it lmao

That's usually how the passwords work in this game...early on in the game, it used to essentially give it to you, but now it's kinda made to use where keywords in conversation are the passwords instead of general themes surrounding their death

Please stop aging up is two years from looking like he plays bingo

I mean Abel is a cat

Dom looking like...a real dom

Not gonna lie I don't even remember there being a NSFW scene in the game

Maybe I should stop reading comments before I download the new version🥲

There's an F now? I've gotten E before, but I didn't know there was more...could you give me a clue or something on how to get F?

*Orlando route spoilers*

If you are still stuck, I'm pretty sure that this is the one where you have to do something you wouldn't normally do...I think reverse psychology plays a big role here

It's indescribable how much I like this story

What are you talking about? I know there are ways to get game overs, but I only see those in battles...where is it happening?


🐊Happy two year anniversary y’all!🐊


I was talking about the people who are in these comments like “I couldn’t play the other route because I couldn’t take it” like they lost years of their life reading these scenes💀

 I've only played through four of the routes so far, but I'm really liking where we've gotten so far. The majority of the questions I've had have been at least touched on or answered. Thanatos being the ultimate gatekeeper is something that I actually really like because he lets the characters and myself actually think about what they ask and find out.


I kinda have two concerns first is with Roswell and the news being out now...I remember that you had wrote about your plans about the sequel to this game, and you mentioned that Roswell would still be around for that...I know that time will tell in this situation, but I kinda wish that would've been left unsaid because when he made the announcement, it just kinda fell flat for me like a "oh that was in the trailer" moment. I feel like all it did was delay the romance focus, but with this update apparently being the end of that, I'm kinda disappointed that this is how it happened because nothing romantic even happened...just Roswell spreading the news to give the group yet another thig to think about while Dave still has his own set of issues going on still, romantic and other things. Another thing (that I did see being discussed in the comments) was the abrupt end to the day and thus the romance focus. I know a huge part of why I like this game is that it isn't the typical dating game that kinda forces you with a character to spend time with and only them and all that jazz, but I feel like with how much emphasis is being put on Dave's feelings and his relationship discoveries, it just felt kinda unfinished to end it here. Dave and his partner (from the routes I've read so far) kinda basically say that they're not exactly done figuring everything out anyway, so wouldn't that open up more discussion/focus on it? I know that there is mention of sex in a few of the endings, but even then, there's a disappointing lack of emotion the end. I know I'm biased towards Sal cause it's Sal, but his felt like the best one because of his character: being the voice of reason at all times, I expected a wait on further discussion of their current situation since he's all about making sure Dave does things at the right time, so the wait was welcome...but it'd be very disappointing if this day would be the last of digging deeper into those feelings of theirs. I know this day was heavy on the investigative stuff, which is always good, but I feel like marking a day where there was little focus on the romantic aspect as the end is kinda underwhelming. I know this might sound like I'm pushing for sex, but I just want something really wholesome to happen or them to have a nice, long moment with each other to focus on strengthening their bond (that isn't sex...which doesn't always turn out well as seen with Dean) together that doesn't have to end with some depressing, doom and gloom discussion.

Y'all really be out here not being able to explore the game

Sal is my everything omg

Hot take, but my heart is with Ring

I seriously doubt it since there are close to if not zero choices


Yeah I read it and I get it now :)

Not the quotation marks💀

Isn't she like literally a child? And even if she is of age, her exposure and attitude to the real world is much too limited in terms of maturity for her to even be thinking about that anyway

I think the whole timeline thing is literally just referencing save files…because to Dave, not knowing how he remembers passwords but still getting them is just us, the player being Dave in different saves files with knowledge from a different one.

Also we’ll just hafta see, but Dave being in a relationship or not isn’t exactly mandatory when it comes to getting of the mountain in the end…routes in this game (and pretty much everywhere) are kinda there for perspective building, but there’s always an overall story to tell :)

He kinda "does"? There are secrets in the game that involve him, but you'd hafta explore


Same not gonna lie

I dunno but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes longer


Honestly this next update will be a great birthday present

I think that’s the case. Since his issues are “solved” with you being there, anything that happens with Sal in his route is always possible to deviate from the norm, like him actually seeing you pass out in the vault. Sleeping with him prevents his sleepwalking, so any event caused by sleepwalking is kinda cancelled by you

I remember that…I got it as my first attempt on the alternate routes and thought I was a genius


It’s okay! I really like how in depth his writing his, and a long, good quality wait is better than a rushed one! Thanks! :)