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I also had this happen upon trying to update the game tonight.

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The writing in this is actually pretty good. Disappointingly short for my tastes, but what's there is pretty good. I was hoping for it to at least go deeper into the relationship/s than the first kiss.

I didn't even know you could fuck her... gonna go do this now.

Ah, ok. I managed to get most of the notes for cat and harpy, but couldn't find out how to get the rest. Do some notes need a combination of moods?

The problem I'm having is that it says unity.dll doesn't exist. I'm using the itch app, in whic case things aren't running through browsers.

This was actually pretty hot.

Doesn't launch.

Neat game, but I'm not sure what the bars do. Looks like they increase some stat, but what's the function of the various stats? The top two bars both make them run away when filled, and the pink makes them horny, but that's all I can tell.

That was indeed somehow the problem. Checked again and there was an update. Thanks.

I don't see a double headed arrow button. The only two with arrows are penetrate and change position.

This game is great, or what little I can play of it. It CTDs with no error at completely random times, both in windowed and non-windowed fullscreen.

This is great, but I really wish it had an automatic mode instead of needing to move the mouse.

I have no idea what is even going on. Nothing seems to happen.

Looking foward to the update. Can't wait to get more than just a blowjob from Autumn.