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I just found this game strange.

Played the first couple nights, and the scene was set SO creepy. No noise, music or anything. This made the eerie tone that fit this game so much. I might have to jump back into it to find out more...

Fun concept but the patients need more personality. 

Had fun playing this game, great stuff!

I think the POV is really unique and works well, maybe if a developed version is made for example you have to navigate the room and do other tasts and then check the monitor to help Nola ect. Idk just an idea but all in all it was a good horror game that got me unexpectedly at times :).

I like the concept BUT I did get stuck and couldn't find my way around the place, so there was a lack of progression which was fustrating!

I like the concept but some issues I had

So strange but fun!

If you're reading the reviews and haven't played it yet, stop right there and just play the game. it's really cool

another one? it's ok cuz it's kinda cool, ty

Quite a difficult game yet I can see the enjoyment within it. Cool concept.

By the side

Definitely a challenge, even for the normal mode! I liked the design of the monsters with it's twitchy movement, very well done. Voice acting fit well, after a couple of tries I got the hang of it. This is my attempt at the normal mode. Great game, looking forward to the main game, Aislin's Story.

I can see this game has potential for something awesome.

Some problems were sometimes I thought I would land on the platform and then fell through it and when I die in mid-air, the enemy would get a bit confused and while I was dead it would think I am still alive for a bit. But honestly speaking, it's a really cool looking concept!

I feel like this was a classic horror game, quite standard which is good for a game that is just there for a fun little spook. But nothing really unique that I could see while playing this. 5/10

Such a fun concept for this small game. I Enjoyed it!

LOL, brute forcing is kinda in my nature XD 

P.S. it's my pleasure to play your game.

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Really amazing game, felt high quality and I'm excited to see the future for this title. :)

p.s. whoever composed the music for this game is an actual legend, really well made.

Very nicely narrated, really fit with the game. Some bugs here and there such as being stuck on an edge... but nice concept :))

Very high quailty horror yet I found it kinda confusing...


Really enjoyable game, nice job on the movement! 

I really like the speedrunning asepct of the game including it's consistent nature, including the consistent movement.

I enjoyed the PS1 theme very much and it's an alright game!

Really fun game, 10/10! XDD

My experience.

I found it really intense and hard to survive, so this game accomplished it's purpose so I recommend this to your friends and family. Although to be picky, the animations could of been a bit or intimidating.

Really funny and silly, 9/10 XD

I would like to say it's a nice game, but it scared me so no thanks XD

Ok not gonna lie, this got me. 

Really well-made game, would recommend!

I saw this game and was instantly intrigued, and it scared the shit out of me. I totally like this game although jump scares get a bit too repetitive (even though it still scared me everytime), I like the dark and mysterious aesthetic.