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SGT Gamer

A member registered 55 days ago

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December 10th on america europe uhhh china and in the 11th On aus new zeland and more

oh i forgot if u in aus the update will come at 11th

on aus 11 on America 10

STEAM!! but if in website reinstall it and install it again

one time i reinstalled windows instead of aomh us lol

its december 10th because

it means you got the new update

the one who made among us

I said steam

my mistake sorry

So i found a bug and i can do tasks as imp only work at freeplay

(1 edit)

updates by itselfs i think

Just wait

it doesn’t worl on windows 8.1 8 7 Vista and XP 

Poor among us 2 who got stabbed by a imp

i think December 10th



You must have steam but to get it free on steam scroll down and click free games 

Its in the very bottom 

Then click any game and then i forgot the next step

SGT Gamer was not the imp 

also add a setting that you can make a account:D