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I like it so far, graphics are cool! Unfortunately, too little content and no specification of fetishes in the description to decide to buy.

Awesome! Hope you're doing well, looking forward to the finished version and don't push yourself too hard!  :)

Hi there, the download links are not working. :(

Interesting story, but please don't make a crybaby out of Roman, pretty please! :D

Haha, what a neat little game and with the "skill" you can take off her clothes in a few minutes! Also nice the little details "Watch at her", I didn't notice at first but you can "tickle" her when you mouse over certain areas, nice! 
So Hank is John in reality?

It's been a while since last update and i can't wait! Whatever, good things take time.

Your gameplay was super fun to watch <3

Hi, thanks for replying I played a round but am too stupid haha. And yes, it was probably my own connection that I couldn't play.

Seems to be down already. "Disconnected: Socket error try again later"

GREAT! I did my ringtone with this :)
I would be happy if a chord could be played (not arp).

after the patch i have a strange bug when loading a saved game, Marin shows up and hits a volley for a few seconds???

Oh My! I didn't even know that, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun!

Hahaha, you're kidding?! If not: Chapeau!

Pretty game but hard to beat  though. Wish you could choose your cards instead of getting them randomized. (^.^)

Your art is fantastic and a sight for sore eyes. Will you also do an anal scene?

What a cute art and game, wish it were a bit longer!

Nice little game, I like the lovely pixel style. How do I get past the closed area?

At first I had problems with Amy's route, but then I managed it. Cool game!