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Yes. First time playing is very frustrating but I managed to handle both arms to eat the chickens. Hehe

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This is one of the most silly game that I play. But finally I can give birth a beautiful baby after ate many chicken wings :-D. Good job DEV for making this silly game. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~ Oh yeah. sorry, I put a BGM for your game so it will be more interesting to watch. Thank you.

I am really bad at this game. Being a slime is a no no for me. Hahahaha. Thanks DEV for making this game. The BGM is remind me of nostalgic old Pokemon game. 

Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy.
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Oh thank you. Ialready watch it. I didn't know you can turn around or spinning while jumping. 馃槀 Good gameplay bro.

I love the graphic. It reminds me of Nintendo Gamecube graphic. Good Job Dev. I just don't know how to get to the third mushroom place. The jump mechanism is frustating. Mush can't go up with his big head X-D. Here is my 5 minutes gameplay. Enjoy~

Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy Dev~ It is so unfortunate this project is not continue. I hope I played it right.

Overall I love the environment and the 3D graphics in this game, the game run smoothly and all controls work perfectly. Just 1 questions, So I only found 2 skeletons in this game. Is this game still demo or what? Because I can only visit Site 1. Good job and good luck Dev for the progress of this game. :-D I will post my gameplay tomorrow on Youtube.

I love the graphic of this game. It reminds me of my childhood when I played old PS1 game. Good Job DEV. :-D Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~

Thank you DEV for your reply. Appreciate it. Good luck for your next project. :-D

This game looks promising. I'll try to play it tomorrow. :-D. I will download on Ste*m by the way :-D. Thanks Dev for upload this game in itch too. So I know the size of the game. There is no info about the size and other requirements on St*am. Hehehe

This game is short but very relaxing to be played. I choose the Soft Pebble of a

Lone Planet for a good place to stay because I love the soft colors, the mountains and the adorable little houses there. Thanks, DEV for making this game in English too. :-D Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~

This is a challenging game. Finally I reached 100 coins. I was really good to avoid all those balloons. But I rather name the game Coin Catcher rather than Cookie Catcher, hahahaha. Anyway, good job DEV for making this game :-D. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~

I like this game. I agree the fact that the game is slow, heavy and challenging but it is not too dark for me. Thank you DEV for making this game. :-D Good luck on sewerjam 3. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~ (Sorry I took the wrong path on the bridge, hahahaha)

I like this game. I agree the fact that the game is slow, heavy and challenging but it is not too dark for me. Thank you DEV for making this game. Good luck on your game jam competition.

Your welcome, DEV :-D

This is a great fan game, DEV. AMAZING!!!

Mumei will be proud of this game with relaxing BGM, deep meaning story and intereting mechanics of the game (especially the pull or push thing in this game to keep going to the next level). I already finished it :-D. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~ "We've got all the time in the world" is my favorite sentence in this game. (Sorry for bad audio in the beginning of the game, though. Hehehe)

I love the concept of rescuing civilians as firefighter. I didn't know there will be many aliens after rescued the last civilian!!! Good job DEV. But I still found a glitch and some keys were slow responding while I was playing this game. Good job for your next project Dev. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~

Thank you for the reply. I hope your next update will make the game even better :-D

I love the puzzles. Good job Dev for making this game. I can't read russian but I figured it out while I was playing for the first time about the food puzzle. :-D. Here is my 5 minute+ gameplay. Enjoy~

Luckyly, I listened the BGM on my smartphone. I played the game twice on my PC and my Smartphone. The BGM was very relaxing. Oh... Maybe because I used Microsoft Edge as the browser so the BGM wasn's playing. Hahahaha :-D

I love the story of regretful and reflection. Good job Dev!!! :-D

But I don't know why the BGM wasn't playing while I was playing the game on my PC but it was playing while I am using my smartphone. Hmmm... Is it a bug? Here my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~

Thanks for making this game.

Oh... So it was a real bug. Okay than. It was fun playing this game :-D. 

wow!!! Thank you for your explanation Mike :-D

I love the concept of mixing Tetris and Minecraft. Good job Dev :-D. Here is my gameplay. Sorry I didn't use the BGM from the game. I didn't realize I record the game without audio... Hahaha... Silly me. X-D

It is really a great 3D game, Dev. Good job!!! :-D

It was really smooth when the astronaut walked or ran but the flashlight sometimes didn't affect the imposter. I don't know why... Is it should be close enough? Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Thank you for making this game. Enjoy~

I think my short memory becomes better after playing HandZone. Thanks Dev for the reply :-D

It is a fun game, Dev!!! Good job for making this game with various hands. I am just curious, are fish's fins, snake's tails, scorpion's tails and elephant's trunks considerate as hands too? :-D. My favorite hands are The Rock Musician Hands. X-D. Here is my 5 minutes+ gampelay... Enjoy~

Oh... So it is suppose to be force closed. Okay then. Keep learning and have fun making new game in the future :-D

Great game and kinda creepy when I hear the music and know that Hansel already passed away. Poor Hansel :-(. But i kinda confuse on the feerris wheel. I don't know I can interact with my mouse to choose I, II and III when the first time playing. It is kinda weird to use SPACE for interact. I suggest to use ENTER instead for interact, guys. I think it is better because mouse is rarely used in this game, right? Overall, good job and good luck Dev for making this game~ :-D

Good job and good luck for your next University project, Dev :-D... Am I playing the game in the right way? I didn't know why the game is force to close by itself when I found the Hamtaro???

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Good job Dev :-D I really love the pixel art in this game. Beautiful. It is kind of confusing to hear Amy tells the background story at the beginning, but I like her voice. She sounds mature and calm. Hmm... But it is kind of weird to hear voice acting of Goodman as Police Trainee... She sounds very cheerful as an Officer... Here is my gameplay~ Enjoy~

Good luck on your next project, guys :-D

Oh... Cool... So there is an attractor to get exp from distance. :-D

Cool concept, guys. I hope there is English Language in the game too.

Obrigado por fazer este jogo, Dev :-D

Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay, enjoy~

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Here is my 5 minutes+ Gameplay:

This is kinda funny and refreshing horror story game. I love the way you put random name for the characters such as Sukari Sutori (Scary Story) and Hiro Shujinko which is literally the main character. Even the developer is inside the game to. Good job Hikiyami Moriko-san :-D. Good luck with your Hikkikomori time.

Thank you Dev for making this clone of Vampire Survivors. Honestly, it is hard at beginning of the game but after playing again and again, it will be easier. 1 suggestion for this game, please make it easier to pick the gray ball or the drop item. It has to be precise between Tangy's legs to pick those gray balls to get EXP. Thanks :-D. Here is my gameplay.

"I" on keyboard is okay for inventory but I suggest, you can choose/pick item by pressing ENTER instead of SHIFT. I usually use shift for running/dash in other games so that's kinda weird for using SHIFT for choosing item :-) I suggest using BACKSPACE or TAB if players want to know about item detail on their hand instead. Thank you. :-D

I saw cat, I give 5 stars. Thank you Dev for making this cute graphic game. I just kinda not really comfortable using E, I and Shift for open pick items, open inventory and store items. Kinda confusing :-D but ok. Here is my gameplay...

Your welcome~ 馃憤

Thank you for making this game :-)