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Hi, you can find it here, it's the one called monkey.p8:

Finished the demo! Nice difficulty for a first level, but hope it ramps up slightly over the next ones. Great level design, keep it up!

Sounds good! I would love a link to the database, when/if it's available online. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for leaving a comment! :)

Hi! Thank you, nice to see people finding this game and playing it. :)

I have no plans to publish the 2011 version. The original game was me and my friend's high school project, and since we were teenagers we didn't really know how to create a game. Thus, it might be a hassle to run it today.

But I wouldn't worry, since the original version is very similar to this. The major change is the addition of subtitles. Otherwise, the changes mainly consist of bugfixes and some minor updates to graphics and sounds to make the game easier to understand. And the whole code was re-written, since I know how to actually write software nowadays. ;)

i'm 12 and what is this