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Sey Atkinson

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Took me a little while to work out what to do but once I did I had a great time playing. Nice one!

Really enjoyed this little game. Nicely done!

Thanks so much Sarahja! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Awh Norrimo I hope you are well. Im glad you enjoyed this little experience.

Thanks so much for your feedback Connor! We are so glad you enjoyed playing :D

Thanks Vampirschi! We are so glad you enjoyed it! <3

Really well polished game and super fun! However, I wasn't sure why the building phase began when there were enemies still alive.

Great game dude! Has so much potential for more levels, power ups and much more! I played this for ages and really enjoyed it. The screen shake is a lil jarring and crazy but other than that the music, art and feel is awesome!

Thank you Nic!

 Thanks so much for your feedback. We are looking into improvements. The team and I are glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks so much  CoalFire! You were on point, there is no real aim to the game. Just to find yourself in a different place, finding and interacting with the random items, and absorbing your surroundings.  Thanks again for playing!

Thanks so much Joshua for the feedback, I've updated the build with some adjustments :) Unfortunately I ran out of time to add more game play but someday I'd love to add in a few more levels and definitely a boss battle!