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Sexy Simulations

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Hi! Mainly I mean more support as in more patrons over at Patreon (which equals more revenue for the game). But I'm not gonna lie, right now other platforms are far, far down my priority list. With the limited time and motivation I have right now, just getting back to working on the game is my only priority. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What version of the game are you playing? Where in the game does it crash, what are you trying to do when it crashes?

Sorry for the late reply. I'm currently unable to work on the game, so no update for a while I'm afraid

Some time in 2021 (can't give a better estimate right now)

Thanks! Due to the low support for the game, I can't work as much on it as I used to, so it will unfortunately be a while longer

Thank you!

Sorry, not at the moment. But if the game gains more support I'll definitely consider more platforms

about the 32-bit version again: my preferred solution (Unity Cloud Build) for this unfortunately meant having to pay 2 new monthly subscriptions, which I'm not willing to do until the game makes more money. I'm sorry to say: no more platforms until that happens.

Unfortunately no. I'll see if I can make one for the next release of the game.

Thank you, I'm happy to hear it!

Thank you! Episode 2 is in development now, will hopefully be ready at the end of February.