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Sexy Tato

A member registered Jul 04, 2019

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Thanks for the reply Artur unfortunately my character died to a human soldier. I usually choose a vampire just because i like not having to eat or drink . Thankyou for making this amazing game.

Hi whoever is reading this i absolutely love the game but im not that good.

I just had a few questions about features of the game since there is no wiki and i will add more when i think of them. 

Can you craft workstations like the furnace?

Is magnus the magnificent a boss, miniboss or just a pimping regular enemy

Can i get a few suggestions for good builds so i can explore the world with more success. I am currently a vampire barbarian level 2.

I will add more questions as i go. Thanks 

well damn i thought no one would have beaten it et since the world is quite expansive. Sorry to be a bother but are their mini bosses scattered across the map? I usually die in the Amazon Camp, The elf place or the Road Checkpoint. Thanks

thanks i really like your game but ive only made it to lv3 in about 30 lives

Sorry i couldnt find a community what can i use unicorn materials for?