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any chance of having a future android version?

Omg i want to play it. Any android version?

Please, i really want a android version 

this game look amazing, i love pixel art, and love point and click, but i can't play. I'm waiting for a android version 

OOh my fuck, i can't help with money, but if i can i will help. I love puzzle, and puzzle with gay story look amazing. 

I played all the game and i'm waiting for more

Can i reset the game?

 That's so cool, for a demo it's pretty good. The art is amazing, i love the art of your games. And i can't wait for a way with boss 

(I'm sorry for the bad english)

Android please

How to make a people cry:

THat game look really good. And i don't like pixel 

 I really wanna play that game. But i can't move the blocks.

Well, it's a common thing

 For android please

I can play it on android?

I love the demo, and i'm waiting for the full version. But will be free or not?

You need buy all game or only the nsfw scenes?