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This game was very cool and it fit well with another game i was going to play so i put 'em both in one video! Great job on the game guys! 2 Short Food Horror Games! - YouTube

This game was very cool and it fit well with another game i was going to play so i put 'em both in one video! Great job on the game guys! 2 Short Food Horror Games! - YouTube

Well.... This game was probably the most confused ive ever been while sitting down.. Thank you very much for this experience I feel we have all grown as a people for experiencing this...experience xD If you wanna watch my befuddlement! - That's NOT SUGAR!! | How To Make A Cup Of Tea! - YouTube

This game was so creepy! WTF IS GOING ON! Heres the video if you wanna see my utter dumbfounding-ness xD Amazing Game! WTF Is Going On?!?!? | Let's Play PINK! - YouTube

This game was sooo adorable! I love anything that reminds me of undertale but everything in this game looked so charming and it all sounded great! KUDOS! PupperTale!! | Let's Play Doggo Quest!! - YouTube

This game is Adorable and even thou i'm a complete IDIOT, i did get some serious enjoyment out of how cute this game is! Adorable Alien!! | Let's Play Sayri: The Beginning! - YouTube

This game was amazing and adorable and the lest few stages filled my with that sense of childhood rage that i love oh so much!!! I appreciate you guys making games like this it really brings me back <3 

This Game Was Incredibly Unsettling.... Great Job!! 

This game Was Amazingly Creepers!!

Hey This Game Looks Great! I am sucker for good pixel graphic and the multi-type weapon choices are really fun i put it up on my channel!

This game was so freaking cute!! I am a big fan of the cutesy astetic mixed with darker humor like "spork news" Im gunna leave my play-through below, i really enjoyed this demo! (My Wife Approves!) lol

This game is really cool and it controls fantastically!! If you wanna check out my play of it ill leave it here, Great job This game is amazing.. very mega-man and castlevania eske.

The pixel art of this game is really really pleasing to the eye, everything is very detailed and it all looks very light and airy.  If you are interested in my full take on the game while i play it ill leave the video here. Thanks for this experience it really was a fun time! Very Cool!

this game is adorable! I was obviously sure it was going to get weird but i was not considering the end result lol this is my play of it i really enjoyed it.

I'm only 35 minutes in and i'm in-love with this game! I think the pumpkin is an easy way to win me over! The first part of my let's play of this game is here! Keep up the good work this loos and feels amazing!

This game is so pretty!  Although my own stupidity made the last bit a 15 minute ordeal, this game is so colorful and bouncy and fun! If you want my play of it its here <3

This game was wicked funny! I love the self aware shit xD The entirety of it really caught me off guard, Freaking Self righteous zombies.... anyways! Here is my play through of it! i really enjoyed this game!

This game is so jolty and fun, a bit of practice indeed for a normal person but i am terrible lol  looking forward to the final product, deffinatley some fun with friends in the future!

This game was simply fantastic, the visuals are astounding and remind me of my childhood with sonic! Alas i am horrible at this game and if you would like to see my small trial of getting run off the road here ya go! the game is great...i am not xD

Hey this game was freaking adorable! I love older computer model aesthetics and i'm super into the cutesy backgrounds and things you can buy, a full computer thing like this would be amazing... here is my play of it!

I Already Miss Him!! Here's my play through, Thanks you for such a fantastic experience guys!

This Game Was Unnerving lol im terrified to think what kinds of things you are going to do to me in the full game xD Here is my Playthrough of it!

Thank you very much, i'll try it in the morning. Thanks for getting back to me i didn't think to ask you guys for like a week of trying to fix it myself lol This concept is Fantastic and im really looking forward to the final product(s) :) <

Question: I'm Sorry i do let's plays and i started this game and i really really fell in love with it but when it cuts out the first time to start the "adventures roms" i messed up my recording and every time i re-install the game it keeps the save-state i had before. Is there any way for me to erase the memory of Buddy Simulator so i can show it to my subscribers? Please if i could get an answer to this i really like this game and i would love to show it off :3 Thank you in advance guys!

Thanks for this awesome game!

This Game WAs Fantastic! Very Funny.

This Game Is Unsettling!

I love This Game!!!!

This Game Was Fantastic!

Amazing Game I Wish I Were Better At It XD

Played this with my wife and she absolutley loved it!

This game is an adorable party survival game and the wife absolutly loved it!

So much Energy Put into such a silly game of Wtf!

This game is adorable :D Part 1