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super duper mega geil

2 Dollars for like 10-15min and then having the most genereric Horror-Gameplay? Come on dude...

You can make pitch black rooms and hallways and call others blind for not finding doors you cant see after randomly having to click on lamps you cant really see... but it is not my job to understand the essence, it is the job of the game to deliver it if that is your goal. Horror Games are mostly not that complicated. You tried to build up an athmosphere, if not a creepy one, than definitely one of confusion. I told you why this does not work for me at all because there is nothing to be hooked on. The tension goes away for any player that needs more than a few minutes to reach the first trigger point, which could be the case for many players. I know this is your somewhat first game, so don´t see my comment as "salt"; I just got somewhat frustrated because I spend some time trying to figure out what is expected of me (before watching videos) and I just couldn´t see like.. anything litterally.

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I spent like 15minutes aimlessly wandering around with no intentions to do whatever is expected from me before I gave up. It is sooo fckn dark, you can´t see a damn and nothing happens in this game at all???.. Ho do others find this scary?
Please consider to give some hint what to do, please give us something to overcome the PITCH BLACK hallway. Blackscreen is not scary... it is just... black, you know.... At this point the design is working against its own intentions. If you just wander around the atmosphere you try to build up is sucked up by the same 100m2 you went through for the last 20min... sorry, not good :(

10minutes of hunting down  keys and pure boredom. No original ideas, no story, no gameplay, what potential are the others talking about???

HE DOES NOT GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. When he says I need to go my office he is still in the living room. buggy mess. unplayable

EDIT: figured out that I acutally have to recharge my flashlight by turning the little lever - this is not at all an obvious mechanic...  A small hint for what buttons to use would actually save a lot of early frustration. 

I dont understand what I´m supposed to do. I always end up dying within 10sec with no small hint whatsoever.  Quite the opposite of fun actually...