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Thanks Z9ZGAMES0! I hope you enjoyed it.

This game is great! I would like some background music, but otherwise I think its very impressive.

This game is hilarious. Thank you.

Awesome idea. I would like to request an easy mode though, I got to the first boss once and lost - I never beat level 2 after that. I think I got lucky the first time haha. I love the art. The bees expressions and the main characters walk made me laugh.

Great job. I really liked the music in each of the levels.

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It feels good to play and seems interesting. Very creative.  Curious to see what this develops into!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! About to check out Sky High :)

One of the most creative games I've played from the weekly game jam. My only criticism is that I lost that badass metal theme when I hit replay :)
Also ditto on the multiplayer, this design seems prime for it.

Thanks man! Also Soul Grinder looks sick - will be getting to that soon ;)

The intro was very interesting - i'd like to think there was a large backstory behind it. I like the minimalist graphics but I found the collecting tasks to be too much work. When I got to the elevator I just noticed I could move without seeing my character. I opted for doing that as fast as I could to see what the next part of the game was. I guess my suggestion would be to have something more engaging than collecting resources back and forth. I think it works for games like RTS because its automated.

Overall its a neat little concept and I would be interested to see where you take it if you decide to further the idea.

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Interesting idea for a game. I think the visuals are strong but I didn't really know what the coins were for. I also think a checkpoint system would be great. I fell multiple times on the second level and had to start over from the beginning which was a little frustrating.

Very creative and enjoyable. I think you should have a toggle for screen shake. I did get a bit dizzy when playing. Overall, good music and humor with the characters.

Very creative and enjoyable. I think you should have a toggle for screen shake. I did get a bit dizzy when playing. Overall, good music and humor with the characters.

Really good job! I enjoyed this one a lot. It doesn't try to be something more complex than what it is. Its a simple game, but I kept playing until I finished. The art was a nice change of pace from pixel art. I like the simplicity so much.

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Fun game! I am very bad at infinite runners though.
Overall I think the art and music are the highlights of Night Traveller for me.
Gameplay wise I would have liked to see a little more variety with the mechanics. Maybe I didn't get far enough. Something like an item to slow down time would be great for inexperienced runners like me :)
Also, when I run the game it goes straight into fullscreen. It would be nice to have a windowed mode option as intro scenes didn't support ultrawide.

Great job. I really like the mood of the game, especially the music.

Well there we go.

Hi ShibeyFaceGames,

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hi TaftPunk, thanks for playing!

When you jump up, you can connect to higher platforms by left clicking. Make sure not to hold the right mouse button when doing this!

The Upside Down doesn't require the player to do this though, you can just jump on top of the higher platforms without performing a "connection".

Once again, thanks!

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Hi Mick, thanks so much for playing my submission and the kind words.
Essentially you need to perform your jump by left clicking without holding the right mouse button.
This bug occurs because you can move through objects by connecting to them and my code assumes the player is moving,

which causes the player to fall when unconnected.
Yes, so the mechanic of connecting to walls and ceilings is a bit odd and I will hammer it out before the deadline.

Again, thanks so much for the feedback.

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Just some notes from a recent play-testing session

  • Make sure you check all rooms if you escort a hostage and nothing happens. There may be multiple hostages in the map.
  • Don't worry about making all enemies surrender, there are possibilities where this is not an option. Even I struggle to get a perfect score each time.
  • Make sure to read the games "Gameplay Tips" on the Hard Call game page.
  • If a map is frustrating you in Endless Mode, you can hit the "Select" button to go to the main menu and select Endless Mode again to randomly choose another map.
  • The white screen at the end of the map is your score, this will tell you how many suspects were correctly apprehended VS the total suspects in the map.

Thanks to everyone that has tested. I look forward to gathering more bugs and hearing about people making hard calls!

Very cool! I really like the pacing of the gameplay, it reminds me of Doom!