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i love the direction the game is going, cant wait to see the future of it and what it beholds

all the new maps are awesome! i loved the power plant, and how big it was. i kept calling the coords noodles, and tied one in a knot. tbh the credits was definitely one of the most fun.

just activated it, cant wait to hunt down the achievements!

almost here boys, hype


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dont know why the buy button is unavailable, but dont worry. its being released on steam very soon. its said to be released on the second quarter of the year, which we're in right now. for now, lets hope its only down because its being released on steam very soon or if not, that its available again soon. then, whenever its released, you'll get a steam key. :)


omfg same 71 days no major update cant wait :D

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i tried so hard but i gave up, i couldnt get the roof on.. but i think its safe to say no one has built a house in human :)

My house

yeah co op would be awesome

just chilling, knowing i've succeeded for like the 10th time in this awesome game. no exaggeration too, i've played through so many times.

i had that problem recently but all you have to do is check your email for the purchase receipt and you can use that

i literally did this exact same thing once. along with the climbing thing at the beginning that lets you win instantly. i couldnt get the cane thing up all the way so i had to climb down

where can i find patchnotes? i wanna know whats new

thanks so much, even though i fixed it already XD i wish i saw your message

as if it wasnt awesome enough its particularly awesome to ME, i LOVE ragdoll physics and these kind of things. like my dream game. ive replayed each level like 6 times XD


okay so im logged on to my chrome account, but on a different pc. any way i could redownload it here? on the other pc it says ive bought this and i can redownload but i didnt have an account when i bought it, so is there any way to do it or should i get the account set up on that pc?