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this is art

this is actually really easy lol

been there as well. i mistakenly pressed the v and surprisingly it was an undo

game beaten in 6 seconds

yea, i could say it's cute as well

that's a lovely puzzle(took me a good 25 seconds to beat that)

i have already beaten this puzzle

well well... i could see that there are only a few playable minigames. i wonder why the rest of them are not playable

but overall a good game

'twas to be expected from the web version of the game pal. download it if you want, it's completely free lol

multiply each number by 2 (the 33 and the 3)

idk, but maybe these two could be jojo references for all i know *shrug*


btw nermal is a he

Yea... i need help with that

imagine Nermal meeting Kars in space

nope, there is no secret ending there. phase 1 auto transitions to phase 2 when garfield is low HP, and will remain at phase 2 until he is full HP. then he goes into his final phase

i (kinda) mastered that attack

is it?

at the end of a pray only run (i mean, when Gorefield's HP reaches 0) the game crashes, although the prayer song is still playing

very impressive game dare i say, i like the mechanics of the game a lot

you're welcome

Welp, this is a really cool game you got over there pal...

also, i have done all of the endings, including ending 2 and 3

also, the good ending was so wholesome

i have intel(r) hd graphics 4000

resolution of the current monitor is 1680x1050

question. how do i check my pc's graphics card?

welp... when i begin playing, it is all black.welp, phone works, but it' can i say.. pretty messy

i tried this on itch launcher as well.. same results. 

ps:i am running this on w10

what can i do in this situation?

same lmao

me not being able to see all ingredients yet managing to complete the game... twice
this is nice(most ingredients are on the right btw)

me finding a way to cheese the entire game without killing anyone

is that a jojo reference?

welp, i got softlocked

what does it show when you try to play it?

Hello there,

I will be playing this game soon. I will then see if i can finish this game

that's a good game

hello there

i hoped for this game to be free, but i wasn't in luck

i guess better luck next time(i don't blame you tho)


Also, a fortuneteller has moved into my ingame tent

Nice achievement room, and nice game too

You're welcome Puma

Very cool game you have here

Yea, i think it's a greater than or equal, not a greater than 3

Welp... about the curse bar being stuck at a certain point... it happened to me once, and when i wanted to give him the treatment, he killed me