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Trippy. My eyes feel funny. Cool idea.

Is there any controller support or should I expect to have to set up JoyToKey? It's such an old game that I don't expect it to support controllers, but I figure I'll ask anyway since I don't see anyone else here talking about tha

I see a lot of potential in this game. I suppose in its current state it's worth a dollar, but you could really have something special if some more time was put into it. A real hybrid of Mario Kart, Burnout, and those old Burnin' Rubber web games.

If nothing else, I would appreciate moving the player's message box somewhere besides the center of the screen so I can see better in TPS camera. I was not very interested in using the top down view as I find it hard to steer vehicles when the car is not lined up with the camera.

The toxic lake and lava levels could be improved by scaling them up a bit. It's pretty easy to get flung into death water right now. I also find it hard to see in TPS camera in the lava level due to all the fog/smoke.

I liked the desert and ice levels. The train and half-pipe gimmicks are pretty neat. Maybe some fireballs could be added to the lava level.

If you ever add more levels or make a sequel, try to vary up the terrain a bit. All four levels are pretty flat with only 90 degree turns. I think it's cool that there are reverse versions of all the tracks, but I quit shortly after I realized there were only four total. I didn't look closely at the playlist of levels in the first tournament and assumed there would be 8. I guess that one's my fault.

I think the real reason to buy this is to listen to the music. It's very good. If I brought this game up in conversation with a friend, I would probably tell them to pass on the game and just get the soundtrack.

I hope the devs find this helpful and wish them luck in their future development endeavors.