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Thanks for the feedback and the tips.

I walked through the conversations before uploading the game but apparently didn't notice all the typos. 

And you are right with adding more sound effects, but I didn't have much time left for it. 

Next time I'll do something like this, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you again.

Hey there, just played your game and left you some feedback. :)

So if you have some spare time, here is mine

Hey! Just played, I like the art and sound effects (if you recorded it yourself it must have been really funny experience :D )

But it gets repetitive after a while... I would add more different enemies or attack styles to add some diversion. But I understand there wasn't much time.. ;)

Overall great work for such a short time, especially with sound effects and music!

You are right,  it would be much better if there was more to do...... I wanted to add more gameplay elements, unfortunatelly there was no time left.. 

Anyway, thanks for you feedback :)

Oh boy... I spent too much time on this :D This game is sooo hilarious.... I couldn't stop laughing when I died ...

You put so much effort into this game it is hard to believe it was made in a week.. I love the details... "Why do these bullets seem happy to be at work?" ... Oh god.. :D

And that talking if you try to mug someone.. 

The only thing that annoyed me a little was that it was so much grind. Maybe if there were some random events more or if there were more ways to make money. I mean more minigames like the burger one..

 But overall, it is one of the best games I played from this jam. Great work.

Btw. Did you make it alone or do you have a team?

Hey there! Wanted to try your game, but I can't get it up and running. After I click on the exe. file, nothing happen. Could you verify the build?

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Well, I think that for colliders to work you need to have a rigidbody attached on one of the colliding objects. Do you have it on the players? Also  check if you have rigidbody2D and 2D colliders . And if you have collider on the player. Also make sure that you don't have checked the option "Is trigger". These are the only things that I can think of without seeing the actual project in unity.

Wow, the game is really beautiful! The graphics and the music fits the game and the game concept is great. 

I can imagine playing something like this as a full game, if there was more content.

I tried it multiple times but died every time, even though i had some HP left. I don't know, maybe it is a feature, not a bug. The idea that they sacrifice their lives and will never survive at the end. ;)

And one last thing, the music is beautiful. Shame that the looping music in the game has that pause between loops. It would be nice if the transition was seamless. Hope you know what I'm thinking.

Overall great relaxing game, nice work :)

Hey there... I just tried your game and it is really beautiful, left you comment there. ;)

And if you have some spare time, I would  really appreciate if you give feedback to my little game :)

Love the art! And music is also really enjoyable and fit the game.. 

One bug that I noticed was that music in some parts is overlaping with other music. I think it happened after ending level. The music from level continues to play while the menu music starts playing.. 

 And maybe the sound effects are a little to loud, eg. the machine gun in the 2nd level. The music is not clear then. But it can be subjective.

Overall nice idea, I would love to see the game polished and added more content , good job guys :)

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Cool concept! I really like the idea and design..  It was quite difficult for me, but no worries, I'm terrible at this (and don't have the nerve) :D

Just one bug happened to me. I think it was only in the first level (because it took me a while to look at the controls and discover there is a sprint option - maybe consider some pop-up at the start of the game with controls for stubborn players like me :D ).

Anyway, the bug. Sometimes I tried to move, but the character didn't move, only played walk animation. I had to jump to move again. Seemed like some problem with collider or such. Not a big deal, but happened a few times.

But as you have written in your faq., I can imagine this to be a full game. It would be blast, especially if you added some thematic music, 

Good luck in future development.

Wow, thank you for your kind words! 

I'm glad you liked it since it is my first time doing this kind of artwork, or for that matter, any adventure game. My brother introduced me to a  great app for creating these sketches and also created the faces for the dialogues himself, so he sure will love this review too!

Comments like this keeps me motivated. Thank you once again..

Thank you for feedback, I really appreciate it ! 

And for your points - Unfortunatelly, I haven't been able to replicate the problem with walking speed. What version of the game have you played? Win, mac or Web? I'm not able to test the mac version...

And you are right with the instructions. I added controls to the game description. 

But if you thought of adding instructions of what to do directly to the game, I disagree. I would like player to explore the world and figure out what to do as well as what happened to the main character all by himself. In my opinion, this is the major part of this game concept.

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I just want to say how beautiful and enjoyable your game  is! Can't really write anything else.. Just love it! Great work... 

EDIT: The soundtrack is also very cool!

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Interesting idea for a coop game! :) Just one thing, you could add collider or something to restrict player to the playzone.. Now you can move away from screen.. 

The game is not running... I believe you have to add whole Build folder to the archive and upload it... Not only the .exe file..

Wow... I managed to beat it in 6 minutes... I tried to figure out the algorithm, but to be honest, I didn't find any.. :D What am I doing with my life? This is the most frustrating game I have played in a long time... But somehow I enjoyed it! +1 for innovation and theme :D

Hey! I wanted to try out the game, but when I tried to to run the exe, it says "Failed to load mono". Is the build working on your machine?

There is a similar question from earlier - 

"Is it possible to use public domain music or such? Or I must make my own?"

and the answer is - "Nope, free music or art can't be used, fonts are an exception."

So I guess it is not allowed...

So, it is not possible to use default sampled instrument sounds in programs like LMMS for creating music? Eg. Piano, violin etc.  I have to synthetize all instrument sounds myself? Or record music from real instruments?