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It IS a lot of fun. I just completed it in about half an hour. Good humour (spotted references to Star Trek classic serie, Space Balls…), nice and clean graphic and functional sound. I love it for being playable, easy to get into and short, I would just inform the player about it, that’s why there is no save feature.

Now that you have the engine and character design, why don’t create a “season” with multiple episodes? Each one short and sweet like this.

I would pay for it ;-)


Looks like a lot of fun, thanks.

Lovely ^_^

Lovely project and so well documented during development that we all fell in love with it even before release date. I will wait the Next version, unless porting it to Mac is not too complicated (don't use Windows). Thanks!

Nice! Thanks

Original idea!
Which platforms are supported?

Fascinating how the weird control system becomes familiar so quickly, revealing how clever it is in reality. Thanks Carleton for innovating also this aspect of C64 games.

Really nice :-D

Lot of love and attention to details in this article, same as in the game. Thanks!

After delivering originality in gameplay and storytelling in the form of games, Retream surprised me with this top quality Amiga demo.

Probably not the first time a techie medium like demo is used to spread a message, definitely one of the most sincere, universal and powerful attempts.

May Demoscene survive! The borderless house  of free minds and tireless creatives making reality their realtime dreams.

Thanks 🙏 

Wop wop! New gameplay genres landing on the C64!

We can crowd-test a MacOS (64 bits please) Build :-D

original and powerful approach to creative pixel painting.

Any plan to port it to Mac?

I hoped the title suggested that I finally was able to impersonate the bricks and helping beating our long lasting enemies: bats and balls 🙃

I'm always grateful when an experienced developer share their knowledge in a structured way. Instant buy :-)


I spotted "cameos" of Turrican, Great Giana Sister, Katakis, Super Mario, Thing on a Spring ...and maybe Wizball? ;-)

Looks cute and so tidy with all hires graphics!
Thanks for sharing the actual status, it seems there is already a lot to play in the preview.

Stay safe, stay creative

Looks nice, maybe a video would help spreading the love.

And it works!
Ending 9 of 18, that was fun :-

Low Mem Sky was one of the only three apps not supported by Catalina, and the most valuable :-D
That's no more.

New release works like a charm, thanks Paul!

I'm a proud owner of a physical copy of this little jewel.
As Mac user, could I ask a simple update: recompile it for 64 bits and update Mac package?

Thanks! I realised I didn’t asked how much effort would be needed to make it multi platform. But thanks for considering it

Mac version please

It's 2019 and high-res C64 graphic still looks so shiny new!

Thanks for trying it. Congratulation for this game aesthetics, looks gorgeous. 

Cecconoid community · Created a new topic Mac support?

Hi, would it be easy to compile and package it for Mac too?