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Usually the knob on your speakers will do.

Just fantastic! I love the 3rd April fool's update you put out! Excellent game. It's so cute and adorable! Just keep making awesome games like this! 

So, I' really having trouble wrapping my head around this. How do I actually make the pictures into a fully functioning sprite sheet? The online tutorials I have found so far just managed to confuse me even more. So if you got anything to make me not fail, please let me know. This stuff is HARD. I honestly appreciate the support you are lending me in this endeavor!

Thank you so much! That was a bit of a block stopping me from continuing so thanks for the help. Internet is really hard to work with...

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Ahh, umm... Yeah kinda didn't explain will cause it was late. I meant with using larger sprites. In the tutorial mentions the Sprite is 48 by 48 and how do you put that in a game. I heard it was different but could be wrong. Isn't the default 32 by 32. Hope I'm asking the right question. Something mentioned it interferes with the game if the sides are larger than 32. It's that true? I suppose what I'm really wondering is do the sprites have to be set on a square? Does it have to be 32 by 32 64 by 64 ect. or, can it be uneven like 32 by 60 or something. Sorry for being so clueless :P. 

Also, how do sprite sheets work, like how do I go about making a sheet? By this I am referring to I have some pixel art, but how do I make that into an actual game material? Do you have an example. If you choose not to answer it's fine. Just feeling a little over my head here :/. APPRECIATE YOU!!!

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I looked at the tutorial, and it was SUPER  helpful. 

 Thank you! One thing I am a bit unclear on is Transposing a Rpg maker game onto a different size scale. So how would you go about that. If you could give me an example from your game, or just point me in the right direction I would REALLY appreciate it: D. Hope I'm still making sense... It's late. Thank you again for taking time to help some me. I love your games Nami! I can be half as good as you ☺ 

Btw, Sorry!!! This one made a lot of sense in my head, but looking at it today... just no. 

Just how.... how are you so good at pixel art!!! Sorry, for asking someone as busy as you for the info, but as far as I'm concerned, you are one of the best, so I ask because I feel I'm able to trust the advice. I've been working for a while and been trying to stylisticly draw, but after an hour I have the very basics!!! It's really difficult, and so I can really appreciate how much work those sprites must've taken. Have any tips 'cuz I'm low skill so I'm sure I'll get better with some practice, but ANY pointers you may have would be helpful. Anything like "Oh yeah, doing this saves you a lot of effort." Thank You SO much! Also, if these are ever annoying or you don't feel like answering, tell me! After all, maybe your style is something you want to keep to yourself. Never stop creating!!! :')

Ay, umm so another question what are good programs for pixel art and the like, there are a lot of options out there, but I am really quite new to this so I was wondering what you think is a good one for me to look into, because you can  hardly look into a game without the understanding of the actual look. I truly am sorry for bothering you, and I know you probably are busy, but I'm asking you because you have good judgement. Rpg maker vx ace is working so well. Again thanks for everything (including the games)!!!

One of the things I appreciate most is that you respond so quickly to any comment. Thank You!

I have a question, I have been wanting to a make a  game for a long time, and you have inspired me, hopefully I won't give up ;D, so anyway I have been liking RPG maker because so many good games are made with it, some of which you made. The real point of this however, is that I need to know which Rpg maker you used, and which one you recommend. Thank you for reading, and I LOVE your games.  Keep on making them.