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I considered having the dog move slightly right and the frisbee move slightly left, and when they are aligned they don't change position anymore, so when you're perfectly centered, you can go for it.
Alternatively, I would've provided indicators for when you're about to get treats, since it does take some quick reaction to grab those last few.
Ultimately, I felt it offered enough challenge to be fun and still slightly difficult.  There is a fail state for the game that's not hard to achieve lol

Eh, I'll enable fullscreen, since the touch controls reportedly don't work.  Glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing :)

Seems like ice tiles cause you to lose your jumps if you're touching a wall.  I never got hard stuck, but did have to die and restart a few times by seeking out icicles.

All of your pixel animation stuff looks great.  Can definitely see your love for the medium.

These are legitimately very good.  Backgrounds and tiles eat so much time and you don't get enough credit for the effort you put in.  Thanks so much for making some of your assets free, as even using them as placeholders helps bring everything together much easier.

Definitely fun for a couple runs.  I need a jump button.