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Just gave it a shot — exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks for the quick implementation, I was happy to hear about it. Keep up the great work!

Have you ever considered developing for the Playdate console? These graphics would look beautiful on one.

I've tried both .jpg and .png

Whoa, so it's stuck this way? That's too bad!

Love this idea + app, thanks. Just wanted to mention that "Options" doesn't seem to do anything at all for me. It's un-selectable whereas "Play" works just fine.

Beautiful app, thanks for putting so much love into the details - I'm really enjoying the entire experience.

One tiny request/bit-of-feedback: when deciding on a background or an audio track, I'd love a mode for each called auto (or random) which greets me with something different every time I load into a new game.

Looking forward to any updates!

I'm so excited to try this app, but unfortunately it won't let me drag images into it. Whenever I attempt to, my cursor changes to a "cancel" icon as I hover over the window. Am I missing a step somewhere?

Hi, great tool! I'm really grateful to have something like this. Thank you so much for making/supporting it.
I do have a couple of suggestions:

  • I'm not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but I would love to be able to see an artist listing for each image and visit artists' pages. Being able to search by artist tags would also be fantastic. (Discovering new artists and searching that way is a huge part of how I browse these websites regularly, so unfortunately, this might be the one missing piece which keeps me from using Zenith regularly.)
  • I'd love to be able to choose the size of the search result thumbnails. Even small/med/large would be nice.
  • An option to toggle on/off the dimming that occurs as you hover over the thumbnails would be great for me personally, as it was making it harder to get an overview of the screen.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for Page Back and Page Forward.
  • A "Reset Defaults" button in the options is always nice (but this was just a passing thought as I accidentally messed with a setting when I first opened up the app and couldn't tell which one it was.)

Sorry to sound nitpicky! I really love what you have so far 鈥 it's slick with personality and very useful. I'm especially excited because I do use some of these sites quite often and have tried different "batch image download" browser plugins, but downloading is still tedious. Your app is shaping up to be an elegant one-stop-shop.

I'm having this issue. Whenever I try to change the download folder by clicking the button, I get a notification: "The directory selected couldn't be found."

Yes! I use the Flip Grip / TATE mode too and wish there were more games which supported it. This would be perfect!