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Thank you!  I used a custom 64 color palette I developed for this project

Hey your game is quite fun!  I'm glad these assets were helpful :)

Thank you!

Coop Catacombs 2!? But seriously can't wait to see what you make with them.

Very fun! Seems tightly balanced already and figuring out (and executing) your next optimal move is really enjoyable. The tutorial also does a great job at explaining the game.  Nice job!

Neat game with some fun ideas. I particularly liked how combat worked between enemies and elite enemies (although the normal ones were pretty trivial).  Ends up being way too easy to grind HP and stack size since rock is so plentiful.  I think it would be good if the majority of the caverns were made of dirt and you had to hunt for stone as well.

very pretty game, and the combat abilities were fun!  I got to and beat the boss pretty easily--it feels like the blunt/stun weapons are pretty OP. I think it could be nice to experiment with 8 directional combat to get more of a chaotic brawl feeling going. I'd like to see the wait time between movements shortened a little (and of course a proper win screen :) ) Nice job!

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Cool game!  I thought I was going to get an easy win on my second run, but Jörmungandr was way more powerful than I had anticipated (I'm actually not sure if I died to him or if I lost to the Ragnarok clock).  Eventually beat the game though!

I'd like to see more descriptions on the items, since it's unclear which will be better than the others (not that it matters much, since you want to be shapeshifted as much as possible)

Oh yeah, and I couldn't tell why it would be advantageous to increase your Serpent form tail.

Thanks so much!

So cool!  Such great detail at such small sizes.

thanks so much!  It's a fun game jam with a great community, I definitely recommend it.

I edited the license. I hope that clears things up.

oh cool, thanks for the link.  I like the animations you added, it adds a lot of character.  I'm looking forward to whenever you pick this back up.

Seriously inspiring.  Great job!

thank you!

Thanks!  That's good feedback about the post.  

This actually started as DF mod I was tinkering with in my spare time.  Which explains why there are so many animals.  I quickly realized there were way too many graphics for me to replace for me do by myself in a timely manner, so I extracted the graphics for this project, and added new humanoid/monster sprites.  Maybe someday I'll make that mod...

great art style!

Very fun.  The difficulty spike after 10 bounces or so could be lessened, seems impossible to survive at that point.  I'd like to try for higher scores!

Oops, that was just a typo in the date :) You played that version.  I did fix the arrow keys and the exhort ability, though.  Thanks for praying!

cool, thanks for the info.  I might give it another try knowing that.

fun game, but way too easy! could also have more incentive to switch weapons, right now it's too easy to get one OP weapon.  But I played it through a couple times despite it being easy because it was pretty fun.

Well I'm sure it helps to beat the game knowing how everything works :p. I'm curious to know a little more how stacking abilities works--for instance, is there any point at all to getting two of the same ability?  The game description kind of hints that there are different triggers for proccing the same ability type on equipment, but I couldn't quite tell.

Neat game! It's fun trying to stack abilities even though it's hard to tell how to do so effectively.  My strategy is mostly stack some healing and hope for the best. The game seems super RNG dependent, especially early on. My best run went to level 9, and I had a build that seemed to be crushing it until I died in two hits :)

Thanks for playing!  Really helpful to watch this.

thanks for the feedback!  

thanks for the kind words!

Whoops, sorry about that!  I've re-uploaded working windows versions, and changed the command to enter portals to 'Enter'.  Thanks for letting us know!

I don't, sorry.

Cool concept!  It's fun to strategize on maximal blood output with these mechanics.  I was able to get to the end, although at one point my blood dropped to 0 and I didn't die...

Sorry for the extremely obtuse puzzle: you have to block the dog from exiting the house by standing by the door.

pretty neat concept.  i miss that old homebrew charm these old indie games had.

love the voice acting